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  1. Not sure how many entries I have lost, only noticed the issue last week, spotted the previous day showed no jobs applied when I knew I had, so compared it to my manual book I use and found them gone from the site I usually put 5 to 15 manual entries in per day, and at least 50% of these are gone the next morning 7 items in UJ today, I expect tomorrow morning there might be 3 of them still showing, others gone 1 day last week I added 12 items to it, the next morning only 4 where left
  2. I have been getting the same for about a week I use the book as well and also take screenshots, I do add missing entries back in with a note saying the system had deleted it, makes my uj history look a total mess now Have others with issues been using it for more than a year?, just wondering if its ignoring the year when doing a cleanup over night, so it instead of getting rid of april 2014 entries it just gets rid of april entries I have started putting a sequence number against entries, so I can easily see what is missing, compared to screenprint
  3. Cant help with why it happened but I had similar a couple of years ago Signed on one week and all was fine, the following week I got a letter saying my claim had been closed (if I hadn't got the letter I would have been like you, gone to sign on and found it had been stopped) I went straight to the job centre to see my advisor when I got the letter, she got on the phone (not sure who it was to) and my JSA was reinstated, no delayed payments, everything just continued as normal Hopefully yours does the same and just continues as normal now the manager has re instated it
  4. sorry for adding this comment to the thread, boomboomboom can you clear you private messages, trying to send you one but it says your mail box is full so you cannot accept anymore
  5. I put limited details about the job on UJM/Work Booklet, so if they look at this they have no way of knowing what company/agency the job is with to check it up, I do have confirmation emails with me when I sign on if they want proof of applying for the jobs Number of jobs to apply for varies person to person, I was told there is no set number as applying can take time (could be one click, could be an hour for on line application or could be a few hours or more if paper application)
  6. I use Hotmail and never had any issues Check your settings for Hotmail, when it changed over to Outloook.com I automatically got an additional email address, so I now have name@hotmail.com and name@outlook.com nothing changes for you using it, both email address go to the same place, your Hotmail inbox will have mails from either of them, but if they don't want Hotmail they might accepts outlook I don't see any reason to change though, its going back about 10 years when people didn't recommend Hotmail, nowadays its as good as the rest
  7. For me my PWP Coach recommended I fill in my details on UJM (did not say I had to only advised I do) just to cover my back, so for me I use it daily and record everything on it (all jobs I have seen on it for me are via an external website, so if I see a job and it says reed.co.uk under it, I go direct to reed and apply from there) when I do see my coach, she has my UJM details on her screen and sees exactly the same thing I do, nothing extra (not to say more details aren't being gathered in the background for checking up on me) I do also use the paper job book along side this, as this is what they look at when I sign on IMO, as long as you at least stick to your job seekers agreement, recording details on UJM, paper book, printed word documents etc it shouldn't matter Yes mistakes can happen and people get wrongly sanctioned, but if you are doing everything you are supposed to (and more) then this should get overturned I know most don't agree with using UJM, but I can only give my experience of using it along with my local job centre, which has not been negative so far
  8. That is one of the things that annoys me Sending emails to companies/agencies and they get ignored Try phoning them and constantly get told the person is busy and they will call back, they never do The only time they speak to you is if you are successful in getting an interview, then they ignore you again after that and don't tell you that you didn't get the job I am sure this is just down to the number of people applying, but I am sure it wasn't like this 10 years ago
  9. Thanks for clarifying I only put generic wording down on UJM/Work booklet ie Applied for XX at Town Name If they want any more details on the job/proof then I show them confirmation email that I got from applying (this I take with me on my sign on day if they want to look at)
  10. IMO, putting it on ujm or writing things in your job book are the same, the job centre cannot ask employer for feedback on this, it is all confidential between you and the employer I am sure I read this somewhere, but the only time they can get feedback is if you use the 'Apply Now' button on ujm, they can then check that you attended and the outcome etc
  11. As far as I know the job centre can do nothing about this, they cannot get feedback or ask the employer anything If you actually apply using ujm then they can get feedback on it, as you only recorded details on ujm they have no right to ask employer anything
  12. think you are the first I have heard that is going on the voluntary 6 months stuff I had a couple of agencies phone me up last week saying my cv was just what they are looking for (part time job and full time one), not heard anything since so looks like I didn't get shortlisted how are your interviews going?
  13. I don't have any preferred way, just to contact a local employer weekly (how I do this is up to me) like you I don't want to put too much in one week, save some for next week for mine I fill one page per week, everything in the agreement, plus average one job a day minimum, then a little extra, updating cv, updating covering letter, update cv on website etc Would love to go back to the old style book though, this new one with what I will do & what I did is a pain What time do you sign on today?
  14. I alternate how I do this one (either email employer or check their website) If I email I put something like Contacted XX about jobs - waiting to here back or if I check their website I put Checked with XX - no jobs currently available
  15. If you have denied access then they wont see anything, just make sure you have some proof of what you have applied for As you have newly signed on I woudnt have thought they would force you to apply for unsuitable roles, this usually comes after you have been signing on for a while It all depends on what your Job Seekers Agreement says, this tells you what you need to do each week
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