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  1. Just wanted to says thanks for all your help and support - now its all change with the forms I guess I'm good to go! I just need to keep fighting in terms of the arrears they've added since Ive been waiting for my CCA so back to the ombudsman for that one.
  2. Thanks Dx I missed that. Hopefully all identifiable info now removed.
  3. So, they have sent me the above for each loan, plus a reconstituted version for each loan along with statements. Interestingly two out three of the loans do not have a signature from SLC.
  4. Thank you. I'm out at mo but will get them scanned and posted as soon as I get home.
  5. I've received a microfiche copy of my CCA in the post today and just wondering what my next move should be. They've illegally added 'arrears' charges to my debt as mentioned earlier. I know the ombudsman has been coming down in favour of Erudio's right to enforce the terms more stringently and now I have paperwork I'm feeling more vulnerable. I'm aware there's a lot going on behind the scenes with Erudio failing to file their accounts last year and a court case coming up in March but want to make the right move personally so that I can easily defend my position if it did ever end up in court.
  6. Thank you so much WarrenBuffet I totally needed that pep talk!! I don't know why I'm struggling to get it in into my head about these people. I think because this letter came on the back of my complaint to Ombudsman I'd attached more weight to it than it deserves and it got to me. I'm over it though - got my big girl pants on and there's no breaking me now lol I wont be responding to Erudio. I have written back to the Ombudsman. Despite everything I'd read I still had in mind that they could send Bailiffs When in fact all they can do is ask for 'their' money in a variety of interesting and inventive ways. I doubt taking anyone to court would be a good option for them - have they actually taken anyone to court at all over student loans? I apologise to those that have kindly offered lots of good advice for having to listen to me stressing and worrying, it must be frustrating - but I think I'm done with it (please do forgive me though if any moments of madness do occur in the future - I promise they will be short lived). I'm guessing there's no issue with pocketing their £50 is there?
  7. I intend to get back to them on a number of points; That they still haven't responded to my request for a copy of my CCA despite this being asked for in the appropriate manner. They also don't seem to intend on responding to the CCA request at all based on their letter so basically they're demanding I pay them money without any evidence whatsoever that they are legally allowed to ask for it. The 'arrears' charges are a complete joke as the account should, I believe, have been put 'in dispute' from the CCA request letter and no charges should have been applied at all. They are in effect fining me for their own ineptitude in being incapable of responding either appropriately or within a reasonable time frame to anything. Their claim that I have to fill in their forms for parity I also feel is a complete joke. Clearly there was parity with the other forms that I've been using for the past 14 years. What causes disparity is introducing some new form that half the people fill in and sign and half don't. I will again be asserting that I will not sign their forms and agree to their new terms and conditions and I will also not be giving them my bank details or the excessive and unnecessary demands for information. There will probably be more once I look at the letter in detail. Will be sending it to the FSA also. I will probably send in the old form and evidence as suggested. Is there any issue with doing this though as they will then have my signature? Thanks Pluthero for your info. It's heartening to hear that there has potentially been some movement. I'm putting a pin in it all now till after Christmas - as I've said before I find it all incredibly stressful and want to try and have a nice time with the family and forget about these jokers for a week or so. Thanks again for everyone's support.
  8. Can anyone advise on the latest? Its Erudio's official response to my complaint via the FSA. They have deliberately ignored the fact that I requested a copy of my CCA not the NOA! They are also still demanding I sign their forms and wont be removing any of the arrears they've applied while I've been waiting for them to send the CCA. Oh, but they will be bunging me £50.
  9. Another quick update. Complaint letter sent to Erudio back in mid October. Received a letter back from them stating that they had recieved it and would respond within 14 days. ...still waiting on that one! I put in my complaint to the FSA at the same time, with all of my documentation including the official CCA request. FSA have written to Erudio and written to me to confirm this about a week or so ago giving Erudio a timescale to respond. Nothing so far...
  10. Your spot on DX, never dealt with a DCA before so please forgive my naivety. I will go look through the info as you suggest. Given that they cant refuse the deferment info as you say would it be wise to send that in to them now or is it better to wait for them to deal with my CCA request?
  11. Thanks again. Their tactics clearly work as I'm feeling incredibly ground down by the whole thing and questioning and double questioning myself when I'm pretty sure I'm in the right. The threat of taking away my deferment option and cancellation is a good one as obviously I value those things! Having read your advice DX and re read their letter it is interesting to note that they say that not responding in 14 days "could lead us into taking steps to default your account", not 'will'. It really feels like harassment. I think you're probably right about them being automated letters Pluthero as they've all restarted after my annual statement arrived. Guess that started up a whole new automated raft of letters from them after having nothing since June. I haven't sent in evidence of being below the deferment threshold as I believed the CCA disputed the debt with this company and I was concerned that sending in evidence could be taken as acknowledgement? Wondering if I should send anything in now? Also can they just put me in default? How does that process work? Would it then have to go to court for the default to be changed? Its so frustrating, I am completely within my rights to defer as under the threshold and happy to supply the paperwork as I always did. I guess that really isn't in Erudio's interest though is it. Feels like this could rumble on for years. Reassuring to hear there is a legal bod taking up the case.
  12. Another letter today - this one is more unnerving to me. States that if I don't contact them by phone within 14 days they could put my loan into default and I would lose my right to defer and age related cancellation of the debt. Also threatening legal action and debt collectors (which is funny as I'm pretty sure that's what Erudio are). I'm getting twitchy, I know putting loans into default is exactly what they would want as then they stand more chance of getting some money back for this debt they've bought, but I don't want to end up in that situation. I thought the CCA request meant that they would be unable to do this but these letters just keep on coming and I've had no response from my letters explaining that I have already submitted a CCA and they cannot legally pursue this debt until they have responded to it (although they would have only received them late last week so with their rubbish administration they probably haven't even been read yet). I'm feeling stressed out with all the letters and demands to the point where I'm dreading the postman coming : 0( I think the law is on my side but nothing seems to stop the harassment. If they pass the debt on to another debt collector wont the harassment just increase? Sometimes I think I should have just signed their paperwork as I'm not up for the fight. Feeling a bit defeated.
  13. Thanks Pluthero - would be keen to hear any updates.
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