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  1. The one I received is almost identical. There is no mention of VAT. Compliance stage fee £85, enforcement stage fee £215. I believe I had the old fees as the bailiff says the warrant was issued in March. I don't know why he did not visit at the time. I will be paying the amount owed in full this afternoon
  2. Sorry, I went to bed. The document I have been given is a controlled goods agreement.
  3. I would also appreciate it if somebody could confirm an affitdavit can no longer be used in situations where a person claims ownership of goods. My daughter was told at the time they were no longer in existence since 6th April and she would have to prove she didn't own the goods by paying £180 to the courts and also solicitors fees. Without receipts she was told she would lose anyway. She was also forced to show her photo ID to the bailiff so she could prove she was working and could chip in with the costs. Thanks very much for all the help.
  4. I have until 1st to pay in full although bailiff did say they would prefer payment in full todat/tomorrow. The reason I only remember the original letter vaguely is because I had been paying this fine for quite a while before i stopped receiving benefits.
  5. They visited me yesterday ( 28th April) It was their first and only visit.
  6. If I remember correctly I received a letter from the court as I could not pay the fine in full . Money was taken from my benefits which is what I wanted. I stopped receiving benefits payments could be taken from so payments would have stopped. I then received a letter from collectica asking for payment which included fees but not showing how much was for the fine and how much was for the fees. I contacted CAB who called Collectica. They said I would have to pay £60 before Collectica would consider a payment plan. Collectica do not accept payment plans based on your ability to pay/ amount of money coming in. I could not afford to pay this all at once. I paid two payments of £30 Between end March/beginning April. Both of these payments together took £54 from the debt as there were two card payment fees of £3. I thought I had paid off this debt or was very close to doing so. The amount I would have had left outstanding would have been less than £100 I'm sure.
  7. Yep, but with them having authority from the magistrates court with what appeared to be a genuine distress warrant I didn't want to call their bluff to be honest! Think he was all wind and water though
  8. Thanks for telling me the fees were likely to be correct. I had a horrible feeling they would be! Apart from everything else it's such a shame I am for the first time in over a year to be in a position to pay the actual fine in full and it's not enough!
  9. Thanks. Well, payment of the full amount owing tomorrow. I guess what I am asking is if I can pay the full amount of the original fine to the court tomorrow? Or do I have to pay his fees too? I'd rather avoid that if at all possible as it will leave me with next to nothing No getting out of it?! Also my daughter is fuming about being expected to produce receipts for all her belongings. Is that part of the new rules too? I thought a sworn statement would be acceptable. Thanks for your advice
  10. So I believe I now owe £378 so the fees are higher than I first thought.
  11. That is after the £50 paid today and £54 paid previoulsy Sorry that is after £50 paid plus £ 30 I have paid this week that has not yet been processed
  12. Original charge (debt) £185 Compliance stage fees £85 Enforcement fee £215 CONTROLLED GOODS AGREEMENT I THINK
  13. I would really appreciate it if somebody could give me some advice. I had a fine of around £180 for non payment of TV licence. I had agreed with Collectica to pay £60 before agreeing on a payment plan (thanks to CAB, as Collectica didn't want to accept the low offer) . As I had to pay £3 card charges for the two payments I have made so far, I was short by £6 of the amount they expected and I had a magistrates bailiff at the door. When I explained i had an agreement to pay they said it was too late and I should have expected to pay the card fees on top despite the rules changing and i had just not paid enough. When I said I couldn't pay the full amount (180 +£200 fees), and I could only give them £50 in cash they claimed to phone the police while at my doorstep. They also told me they had no powers to stop a van arriving to collect my goods immediately. I don't think the phone call they made was to the police, I think they were blagging me, but as they had a distress warrant I did let them in. They started to talk about new laws since 6th April which I am not familiar with. i knew there were new rules about fees but I did not know a family member in your house had to pay £180 to the court if they wanted to prove their goods were their own. Is that correct? I have agreed to pay in full tomorrow though I can ill afford it and will not have enough to get us all through the week but they were not budging. With my daughters help I can afford to pay the original fine of 180. I have not had a fine before so have no idea if the magistrates court could or would accept it. It is the fees that are a real problem. Also they insisted on going into all of my children's bedrooms while they were in there and obviously they were upset. Is this also considered acceptable? My 18 year old daughter who works and is renting her room from me refused to unlock her door at first. They threatened to break the door down and frightened her to death. They also made her sign a form saying the goods were hers but unless she could prove it by paying a £180 fee to the court they would take any goods she had bought herself that she did not have a receipt for. Sorry for the long post, any help appreciated.
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