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  1. Would be really grateful if anyone could offer any further advice as to legal advice I should seek and possible actions I can take inbetween now and the interview under caution. My Mother would like to attend this with me. Is this suggested? I re read my first post and if I didn't seem remorseful to some posters (I feel I did) I must apologise. I am just trying to put down my situation and help myself and my family in any way I can. Like I've said previously I know people have been able to settle out of court and this is preferred to me than to gaining a criminal
  2. I realise that what I have done was not allowed. I haven't yet been summoned to court nor had an official interview regarding the matter. Yes, ofcourse I am looking for advice about avoiding this as from reading previous threads this seems the most likely outcome. Is settling out of court not another way that the law has found enables people to accept responsibility? This is just the route that I would prefer. Granted I am not automatically deserving of the thing that I desire because I have acted in this way but can I not still ask?
  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding. My friend cancelled it for my Mother to receive a new one. I had been using hers. And yes I did speak to the person who posted the letter calling me to the interview. Thank you for your help.
  4. I was caught on the London Tube using a Freedom Pass in the name of my Mum and cautioned. I have an interview under caution lined up and prior to this, speaking to the Travel Investigations Unit dealing with my case that there may be a chance to settle this out of court as they recognize the damage a criminal conviction could do to my future. I am willing to take responsibility for this but if possible ofcourse avoid a criminal conviction. I know I should have thought of this before I began using it but at the time my lack of means to pay for transport was enough for
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