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  1. How would this sound? " After receiving an invoice in the post on 23/04/14 stating that a charge of £60 has occurred on the 22/03/14 in "Sainsburys - Mansfield" which is under your companies jurisdiction. The invoice only states "Breach of terms & conditions - Failure to adhere to signage on site" and does not state what the breach on terms the driver committed that day which makes it very difficult to determine the fault. With the car park being free for use £60 does not seem like a "Genuine Pre estimate of Loss" as there will have been no loss of earnings to your company. I w
  2. Am I legally obliged to state the driver of the vehicle?
  3. so now i go on there website (euro car parks) and make an appeal that i was not improperly parked? do i also ask for a POPLA number now?
  4. Hi I got a window invoice on the 22nd of march from ECP in Sainsburys for parking over the white line onto the dashes lines on the end of a row, the ticket was for £30 if paid before 14 days and £60 from 14+ I then received (28 days later) a letter in the post to the registered keep of the vehicle, being me, saying that i owed the full £60 to pay withing 28 days. I haven't contacted ECP but i have contacted Sainsburies as after looking through my bank statement i spent £59.18 the day of the fine and i regularly do a weeks shopping there and that i am discussed that they would give a
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