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  1. Thank you for your reply. The interview took place in April 14, and in August 14 I have received the letter stating they are taking off the whole entitelement. I have followed their procedure by 1. writing to them asking to reconsider their decision 2. Appealing against the decision. The appeal was heard just three weeks ago, i have lost it.
  2. 22% will be absolutely unmanageable, I have a school age child and a student to provide for. I suppose, considering what I have read on this forum, they don't have a time limit to come up with the fraud charges. I'm trying not to think about this, but it really freaks me out. Is it for definet, 22% ?
  3. No, I haven't heard anything from them regarding this.
  4. It's just under 11% of my current pay. I have changed the job to be able to earn a bit more but it seems the more I earn the more they take.
  5. Thank you. I'm going to complete I&E but more sensibly than I have done it a year ago as I was very stressed then. My current commitments are £3000 on Halifax, 3100 on Barclays and around 4000 on MBNA credit cards plus around 5000 on unsecured loan. I've tried to increase the loan to consolidate the credit cards but was rejected.
  6. Well, I must have made it unclear, sorry. There is a complex issue and I am not sure what to deal first with. I don't agree with the amount is the 1st problem and what do I do when they increase the repayment is the 2nd. They acted quite aggressively a year ago, passed recovery to bailiffs and them declined the agreement I made with bailiffs. They approached me at work through email and in person ( I have worked for that council at the time) . I have agreed to £140 just to stop them intimidating me. I've spoken to CAB, they said the Council has the power to recover up to 11% of my net income . considering my other commitments this is unaffordable as I have to put some of my monthly expenditure on credit card and keep staying in the loop of growing debt.
  7. Hi, do you mean I will need to stop repaying them?on credit cards I'm paying just above the minimum payments anyway. It makes 180 per month.
  8. Thank you for your reply. The original overpayment I've been repaying was partially due to their misadministration and partially due to late report of change of circumstances. They now have taken off the whole entitelement. I'm not sure what date to concider. The Appeal at Tribunal has been heard in February this year, the judge decided that I have to repay the whole amount as I was not entitled at all.
  9. Dear members of CAG forum. I hope to receive some help and guidance regarding HB overpayment recovery. I have recently been contacted by Council Recovery Manager regarding reviewing my repayment arrangement . I've been paying the Council for 13 months so far at £140 per month, which is over 10% of my monthly income. They send me the new amount recoverable ( I have lost the Tribunal appeal), and I'm scared they will start bullying me again to squees more off me. I'm paying mortgage , personal loan and three credit cards, so not really a lot left. Does anyone know what does the law say about rates of recovery? Another question is I am really shocked about the amount they claim they have paid me. The account I've been paid into has been closed for over a year, but I will try to get the statements to see what I have received over the time of the claim. They are claiming they paid me over £11,000 over roughly 24 months. Are there any ways to dispute the actual amount they want to recover? I am extremely stressed and anxious about all this, don't know how I'm going to manage finansially. My health is declining , though I have no any serious conditions, just feel I'm unable to cope anymore. Please help!
  10. Thank you to everyone answered to my post. Up2meears, I must have made it unclear re the amount of overpayment on the second occasion. In the letter they sent me they stated the amount is over £700, but actually over those 4 months they have paid around £420, can't remember the precise figure. The total overpayment (from two occasions) is £3,300. Re bank statement - I am not sure now what is wrong and what is right as I didn't declare that account as I can't remember such question on the HB claim. It's not that I have something to hide, but I am not sure if they would treat as an income those several children maintenance money transfers from my ex. They had been irregular and each had been around £170. There also had been some other money in and out on that account. What happens if I don't send the bank statement. Do I have to prove being innocent or do they have to prove me being guilty?
  11. Hi everyone! I have read all the most recent threads regarding HB overpayments recovery and fraud investigations, but have to say I haven't found all the answers as my situation is a bit confusing. Will try my best to lay the facts. I have attended an Interview under Caution, carried by LA Fraud investigation manager. I was sure it was regarding two cases of overpayments, for which I have already arranged repayment plan and started making repayments. I have contacted a solicitor, emailed him copies of LA letters and my letters sent to them. The solicitor said, it is nothing serious and I can easily go without legal representative. Two occasions of overpayment go back in 2012 when I delayed with reporting change in income and in 2013 when they didn't process my report of moving out of the property in time and kept paying about 130 a month for another 3 months. Now they are recovering both overpayments despite it is unaffordable (£140 a month) and also despite they have admitted the official error but decided that this amount is recoverable as I could have reasonable known I have been overpaid. I have been to CAB, they said they couldn't do anything etc... Stupidly I have not appealed against either of overpayment decisions, naively thinking "the authority is always right, I have to give back if I was not entitled to it". Besides, I have been very cooperative and responded promptly to recovery person and started discussing the repayment plan. I assume all this has played against me as they suspected that I have committed fraud. They did a credit check on me a during Interview under caution the main point of interest was were have I got the money to raise a deposit for the property I have purchased with mortgage ( to which I have moved out from the rented property). I have answered that my brother gifted me the money, transferring funds to my account abroad (my brother lives abroad) , from which I have transferred them to my account in the UK. I was asked to provide foreign bank statement for two years when HB has been claimed to prove my words. At this point I sought another legal advice and was told not to send any statements. The interview took place almost a month ago, I haven't neither heard anything from the Fraud Investigator nor have I contacted them myself. My questions to the forum experts are: 1. Would solicitors advice not to provide bank statements not make things worse? 2. What will be the following action from LA part? 3.Should I still appeal against 2013 overpayment decision ( the amount is around £700, which I have not even received, but they said it included something recovered towards first overpayment). The LA letter is saying there are only 30 days for appeal, I have missed that time by sending them a letter asking to explain how the overpayment has occurred and having had their answer two months later. During the interview, which was awful, I was made feeling like a biggest criminal ever, concealing multiple bank accounts and so on. I was asked about money transfers from abroad as if I was laundering millions. I am in serious stress since January when recovery thing has started, to add to this job change and constant shortfall of money due to repayments. Being single mother I find myself panicking that they will take me to court, I will end up with criminal conviction and shame for the rest of my life. Can anyone advise anything, please ?
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