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  1. Thanks for the replies, I was plannin on ignoring them, but would the one liner be better? I know I owe the £9.50 but since they didn't take it don't think they have any grounds to demand any more money of me, If they don't convict me as an adult, then why should they try and claim money of me as one? My mum does know and I am banned for the store, It's all been dealt with except RLP.
  2. Hi, I wrongfully so stole from primark. The items came up to £9.50. I was with a 13 and 14 year old who didn't get a fined, however I did due to being 16. I had most of the goods, they were damaged (labels off), and we offered to pay them the £9.50. The police was called, no formal warning was given ~ I understand I was in the wrong, however I don't think it warrants almost £90! If I ignore the letters more will come and it will stress out my mum - is there a letter I can send not to deny responsibility because I am responsible ! But to deny owing then money? Thanks!
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