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  1. Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Do we know if they do take civil action, I said before, I don't want to be responsible for my friend being taken to court, on my advice to leave it. Cheers
  2. An Update - latest is that a letter arrived from a company called Scotcall chasing what they refer to as an outstanding payment of £50. My friend did write a letter back saying that nothing is owing as no contract exists with them or RLP and that all liability is denied and the sequence of events RLP refer to is also not accepted. Scotcall replied saying RLP will reply - which they have done. Once again they go through what they believe to have happened on the day, they say the evidence they will rely on is a witness on the day and that this is a civil case and the matter will be put through the courts i.e their client will not drop it. Advice anyone? Thanks in advance. Have they taken people to small claims or civil courts?
  3. Appreciate all the replies but I am still concerned at giving wrong advice if RLP actually pass this on to a recovery agent who then takes my friend to court. Do we know how often/successful they are when going to court and do they use any so called evidence from the day? Cheers
  4. Hi thanks for this. This is the line I have advised up until now. It was just the last letter I have seen which describes in detail what they understand happened on the day- in significant detail. The concern is that if it went to court for a civil claim of losses, could any of their so called evidence be used to justify a £50 loss and of course the court fees topped up on top. Cheers
  5. Hi there, friend of mine is also enduring several threatening letters from RLP. Incident arose at TK Max which police attended but took no further. At that point, it was mentioned that some civil recovery would happen. Total value being chased is £50 - value of items in question on the day - less than £10 Two letters sent in reply asking for evidence on which RLP will rely and denying any contract with RLP and liability. Latest reply, RLP have provided a description of their understanding of events at TK Max and carefully word the involvement of the police that they took the civil claim into consideration. RLP are referring to an admission of guilt at the time and justifying the civil claim. In the latest letter they say their client will be entitled to issue a claim in the county court and the £50 currently claimed will jump due to fees. Read plenty on this site - how likely is it that this will go to court and what sums / fees are possible worse case. If my friend signed something - I dont know this - at the time, would this be used in a civil case at court? Also the letters seen are unpleasant, latest letter mentions tortious actions. Any advice would be appreciated. Not sure whether to advise my friend just to pay the £50 or keep going with not paying. Thanks
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