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  1. Sorry to disappoint you. I have been busy and failed to escalate my dispute to a CLAIM with PayPal within the permitted time. So UseNext got away with my 9.95 Euro. Well, I paid for 30GB for one month (until May 24). I can't download from my location. If anyone wants to use the download volume within the expiry, please email me and I will share the login data with you. First Come First Serve.
  2. A quick update here!! UseNext responded to the PayPal dispute -- asking me to contact them and discouraging me take it to PayPal Claim saying that PayPal doesn't deal with virtual products. I am still not convinced since I can prove that I have not downloaded a single byte during the trial period till now. I clarified my position that I will eventually escalate it to a PayPal claim just to alert PayPal about one of his potentially unfair merchants using an unfair business practice (forcing people to pay without isuueing an alert or invoice).
  3. Thanks for the info, rebel11. My PayPal used my credit card to pay (not using any PayPal balance) so I guess I can take advantage of ChargeBack. However, my card (Master Card) is not issued by a UK Bank. I should check out with my bank but it is not going to be easy (I am in Saudi Arabia and access to information about people's rights is moslty written in Arabic. I often have hard time to communicate with call center people too). Just an update that after I paid for 1 month (about 9 Euro) for nothing, UseNext refunded the initial 12 month (95 Euro) they initially charged. I still fell that I am being intimidated. I will still lodge a dispute with PayPal. Not only for the refund but also to make a point that UseNext is not a fair merchant. I have no way to download a single byte from UseNext Server most likely because the ISP/country is blocking aceess to UseNext server. I did not download anything during my trial period either.
  4. I paid via PayPal. Yes, I thought of initiating a dispute with PayPal. When I was trying to do so, I see a note from UseNext (yes, at PayPal site) saying that ".....PayPal doesn't handle dispute for Virtual Product- please negotiate with us". I believe that is another type of intimidation from UseNext. I have not downloaded a single byte from their server nor have I given an invoice about the payment beforehand. So I still believe I have valid reason to lodge a dispute with PayPal. If a merchant make their customer pay for the service they did not offer (but by only resorting to the terms and conditions), is a bad merchant and PayPal or other payment processing service should block them. I feel the need to make PayPal understand this more than my money back.
  5. This company is tricky with unfair practice. I signed up for a trial account and could not download a single byte from their server. I contacted them about my problem. Their reply did not solve my problem. In 14 days PayPal charged me with 95.35 Euro. When I contacted them for a refund saying that I did not receive prior invoice and I did not download a single byte from their server during the trial period till now, they only offered me a partial refund. They asked me to sign up for a smaller package to get the refund. I just signed up for a smaller package of 9.95 Euro and waiting for their refund. UseNext is becoming smarter huh!! If you are reading this after becoming a victim of UseNext's tricks, please raise your concern about this company. If you are lucky to read this thread before such an ordeal, stay away from this unfair business called, UseNext. UseNext MD, Christian Robert Schuetze is surely making a bad name of himself by allowing such unfair practice. UseNext should issue an invoice a day or two in advance before charging their customer a hefty charge.
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