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  1. Lived with a friend about 5 years ago. I was on council tax benefits, he wasn't. The council are now chasing me for £400 because they can't find my friend. I'm no longer in contact with him and don't know where he is. Because they don't know where I live, they had a liability order issued without my knowledge to my PARENTS address, even though I don't live with my parents and haven't since I was a teenager. My parents are now being threatened with bailiffs. I've explained to the council that I do not live at my parents property and they're simply forwarding mail to me. They say they'll make a note but then they keep sending letters to my parents home. I don't know whether to give them my address or if I'm even liable? I'm on ESA and DLA, need round the clock care and have to pay bedroom tax, I can't afford to pay a debt that belongs to someone else. Can the bailiffs do anything at my parents home even though I don't live there?
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