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  1. Hello every body, I am hoping to find some help with my situation. I rented a flat through a letting agency, with a one year renewable contract which finished a few months ago. Before the deadline of my contract, I tried to contact the letting agency because I wanted to renew it, but all my mails bounced back, nobody was answering the calls. I went to the agency shop only to discover it totally shut down, with just a paper telling us that it was out of business, and we should contact a banking institution for questions. That institutions is not answering any of my questions, I can't contact the landlord as the only mail address I have is not on use anymore. I am feeling totally lost, as I am still paying my council tax, the water and electricity bills, but not my rent as I don't know where is that money going. My deposit is supposedly protected as it is say in the contract. It feels utterly weird for me that nobody is trying to contact me since I have stopped to pay the rent, that I have no way to contact the landlord and nobody knows nothing. All I want is to have a new contract and stay in this flat, as it is perfect for my needs and I am happy here. I don't know what to do next, I feel like a squatter and I am afraid I could be asked to leave the flat without notice one day. Someone recommended me to go to the land registry and see who owns the flat, to contact him. Do you think it could be a good idea? thank you very much for any kind of opinions and help you could provide me with. jenn.
  2. hope every body is doing alright! I am new to this webpage, after discovering it exploring the depths of Google. I hope to find a lot of new friends here and help or be helped on some tricky situations. have a good day!
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