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  1. Just to update, I got a letter from TFL saying they're not taking the matter further. Very relieved. Will Sellotape my Oyster to my hand in future. I'd be first in the queue for an embedded chip..! Thanks again for the help and advice.
  2. Feeling more calm as I've been able to do something about it (albeit only write a letter). I'm more of a do'er than a waiter. It's also thanks to your wise counsel. Honestly very grateful for your sage advice and your time.
  3. Hi there, once again, big thanks rebel11. I've been busy writing my response and your reply has helped me lots. To clarify, rear boarding is permitted on the bus, so I honestly didn't do anything wrong there. Just the fact that my ticket wasn't in my pocket. I wish it had been the other way round and the doors I boarded on were the problem! I'm going to send my response by post and also email it and my other docs to ensure it gets there. I'm also going to include a cheque for the full cash fare for the journey. I've also included my reference from the Police lost property and TFL lost property and my Oyster statement. All I'm missing is the pound of flesh..!
  4. Thanks, Rambo. It was a single decker rather than the new route master bus. Still very concerned but always good to hear there is hope that they might not throw the book at me. Just worried that although my reason is truthful and valid they've probably heard every excuse in the book and treat people accordingly. There aren't many tales of hope on the Internet when it comes to TFL and prosecutions.
  5. I got a letter this morning, the relevant bit reads: "You were reported to TFL for failing to produce a valid ticket, pass or photo card for your journey on a bus. The facts of this incident are being considered and I must advise you that legal proceedings may be taken against you in accordance with TFL's prosecution policy. If you have any comments to make about this incident please write them on the reverse side of this letter and return the whole letter in the free post envelope provided within 10 days." Ridiculously worried still. I try to keep thinking this isn't the end of the world but it feels like it is. I'm such a wimp who has never been in any trouble at all.
  6. It was one of the London buses where you can board through either set of doors and as I had to run for it the only set of doors open for boarding was the back set (with a crowd getting in that way).
  7. I spoke to the penalty fares people who told me they weren't handling my case as it's being handled under an MG11. So I'm to expect a letter asking for a statement in the next few days. Guess all I can do is tell it as it happened. Any tips?
  8. Thanks again, he wasn't overly aggressive but he wasn't helpful in explaining what would happen to me. I totally understand that it's a tough job but I wasn't in any way difficult, if anything I was in a bit of a state!
  9. Thanks very much for responding, rebel11. I have cancelled my bank card and reported the loss to TFL and South Eastern, as they operate the mainline station.I've also printed off a copy of my journey history from that Oyster card. I haven't cancelled the Oyster card as there was only a small amount of money on it and I thought I'd rather lose a couple of pounds that than not have access to my journey details in case I need them (hopefully not in court!!!).If I am given a chance I will send the history and lost property references to the sender of 'The Letter' ...maybe?Is 'The Letter' likely to be a formal one asking for my side of the story or might it be a summons or a penalty fare? Does it make any difference that the inspector didn't make notes for me to sign?I received a penalty fare from a train company before but that was because I accidentally left my monthly season ticket at home, and I sent a copy of the ticket and got a nice letter and a cheque refunding me the penalty. From what I've read TFL seem to be very hot on prosecuting people and to not only have lost money, my cards and been worrying lots but I can't bear the thought of a criminal record for having lost my wallet in transit.I'm probably panicking somewhat as the inspector simply wasn't very nice. I don't know what I really expected but he did nothing to put my mind at rest or explain what will happen to me. Thanks again
  10. I’m new so please do forgive me if I don’t do things quite right to start! I need some help and advice and I know there are some wise people over here. Yesterday I travelled on the train into London and used my Oyster card for the journey. I then got on a bus in London with enough pre-pay credit on my card to take me to my final destination. The bus was really busy and the front doors were already closed, so I was at the tail end of the crowd boarding via the middle doors. I couldn’t get to the Oyster machine to touch in (nor could others, I would assume). When I went get my Oyster to touch in (before the stop at which I planned to leave the bus) I realised my travel wallet with not only my Oyster card but other important bits wasn’t in my pocket. I panicked and began to look in my bag and to my horror I saw a ticket inspector boarding the bus. I spoke to a second inspector who was on the vehicle and told him that I couldn’t find my wallet and that I needed to get off the bus. The inspector was very brusque and unsympathetic (I can understand this to a point, as he must deal with lots of people without tickets but with excuses!). He got off of the bus with me and I told him what had happened but he barely listened and started to take my details. I was very polite and gave him all he asked for, he seemed to think my address wasn’t correct (it was) and thankfully I had on me some post with my address on it. I asked if I needed to pay a penalty (as my bank card was in my travel wallet) but he just said no and that I would receive a letter in the next few days. I asked what the letter would tell me but he was in a hurry to go and didn’t really explain anything at all.He had an electronic hand-held device and I saw the words irregular travel (or similar) on it but nothing more. He didn't take any kind of statement nor did he ask me to sign anything at all. I asked for a reference number but he said it doesn't work like that and I just needed to wait for 'The Letter'. I have clearly been googling furiously and while I know Dr Google can’t predict the future it looks like I am going to be receiving a court summons which, frankly,scares me witless! I know I have to wait for the letter to see what it brings but I am going on holiday next week and so really need to be prepared to send a response at short notice. It was not my intention to avoid my fare, I had credit on my card which I’d used for the other part of my journey but I also accept the fact that it was my responsibility to check in and I didn’t, but circumstances prevented me from doing so. Does it seem likely that I will be receiving a summons? Do they ever send penalty fares through the post after the event? Can anyone tell me what might happen next? I am very, very worried about this (can you tell?!)
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