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  1. I want to chalk my hair with hair chalk which is a dark redish colour and want to know if it works and if it does then does it make your hair all ratty and horrible like colour hair spray does? thanks
  2. Alright then thanks so much, I will do so, that's helped me a lot
  3. Oh Ok then thanks people so I'll message them then see if it it stops, dont want them coming for the money or something like that because the primark man said he don't want to get social services involved cuz I have a kid so don't want them too
  4. about a month ago I shop lifted from primark and got caught and I tried to say I accidently forgot about the bag on the pushchair but my sister robbed aswell right under a camera and we got caught and taken to the back room and they didn't call the police because we had proof of address and said we may get a fine but only as little as £20 and the letter come through asking for £178.30 I think or close to that and I ignored that one and they sent another to my parent and people are saying ignore them and some saying contact them sayin ur
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