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  1. I think that's exactly what happened. Thanks for the information as to how this works.
  2. Nothing happened. I think I was being paranoid/cautious as this is something that never happened to me before. Sorry for taking so long to post update.
  3. Thanks for your reply. - Instead of buying a paper ticket, I buy the ticket with the oyster (i.e. the oyster serves as a travel card). - As I understand, only customers with pay as you go oyster cards are required to touch in and out. If you have a travel card in your oyster, you are not required to touch in or out. This is my experience with the DLR, most of stations of which have no turnstiles. My oyster was inspected several times without me touching in or out, and it never posed a problem - as long you have a valid ticket in your oyster and you're not out of the zones in which it
  4. No. He handed back the oyster to me when he was letting me off. I topped up and got on the next train. However, my oyster is registered and he saw the balance, my expired travel card etc in his card reader.
  5. I would appreciate if anyone could provide some input as to what will happen in the following case, please. I use the DLR every morning to work, and my travel card runs from Tuesday to Monday. Last week, I thought I'm better off using pay as you go for the week, as I wouldn't be working on (Good) Friday and (Easter) Monday. And so I did. This made me out of sync this week and I went on the train without buying travel card (and without trying to touch in - I got used to not bothering to touch in or out at my local station with my travel card). I was sto
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