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  1. thanks DX , Yes had found this before but saying that this company have never sold ppi, but i have noticed it says shawbrook bank should be contacted,so will look into this . Thank you for the advice
  2. Hi I am wondering if anyone has had any success with singer friedlander for ppi claims, as I have just found the paperwork of an old car finance agreement,saying i had actually paid ppi. The problem being who do you go to,as SF were taken over by close motor finance then other companies i believe. Any help much appreciated. Thank you Bruce
  3. Hi,I know this is an old thread, but I wonder if anyone can help regarding singer friedlander. I bought a car through them, and did have PPI on it, I also have the agreement with the details on it. Now the question is ,obviously singer friedlander were taken over I believe by close motor finance,and then others, so is there anyone i can contact regarding this for PPI refund? Thank you for your time. Bruce
  4. Thx Andy will keep you informed when something new happens. bruce
  5. Thx Andy ,yes below £10 000 ,so basically I just fill in the N180 ,which I send to the court, also I photocopy the form and send it to the claimant as well? Thank you Bruce
  6. Hi All I followed an old post on here regarding the above company Mkdp ,who had been chasing an old debt for HSBC. I know the debt is over the 6 year statute time limit and anyway basically ended up with a ccj form from Northampton (CCBC) , which I replied to the acknowledgement of service and following another thread on here (Stokes v Mkdp) asked Mkdp to furnish me with the details of the debt etc, so I could enter a defence of the claim. Mkdp eventually just before the 28 day deadline replied saying they did not have the details at the moment and would need to get them from HSBC,and this would take at least 8 weeks to obtain. I entered this in my defence and informed the court they had failed to provide them and that without them I couldn't make any decisions on the debt(again using a template from here). I have now received a notice of proposed Allocation to small claims Track and a request to fill out a directions questionaire and it must be returned by 30th April 2014. the letter states 1.this is now a defended claim. 2. it appears this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. if you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for the claim, you must complete box c1 on the SC DQ(N180) and explain why. 3.you must file it with the court office by 30th April (and serve on all other parties) At this point my main questions I need help on are, Am I better to agree to the small claims track as to reject it? and do i just fill the form in and send to the court?and what about the (serve copies on all other parties) ?does this mean I photocopy the completed form and send it to Mkdp and to my local court? Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give on the subject. Bruce
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