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  1. Am I o.k to send them the email now as above or does anything else need to be added or changed?
  2. The SAR was sent to Heywood Finance & CCA to Spot Finance
  3. More calls from Spot - message left yesterday on my answerphone saying I need to call them back as they want to discuss something with me before they can process my SAR & CCA requests.
  4. Original loan was £4k, they reckon balance is £3500 - this loan isnt on my credit file
  5. Spot has been writing to me & the calls are from Spot who I sent the CCA too.
  6. no i didnt send anything else as they have been writing to me at the new address for the last 4 months
  7. they leave voicemails asking to contact them regarding the processing of my requests
  8. Since they have received my SAR & CCA requests, they have telephoned me everyday & left voicemails asking me to contact them regarding the processing of these requests. I havent spoken to them yet, should i speak to them?
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