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  1. Constant contact via letter - i'm not particularly eloquent when put on the spot and a letter allows me time to ensure that I'm not being misunderstood. Get the same old "you're an important customer" and "we believe that our decision is fair" rubbish though. Is there a reason that every letter that comes from them includes an Ombudsman leaflet? Having perused the forum, it seems that the fos are rather biased in favour of the banks… Agreed, master and commander is a rather complementary comment when it concerns the running of a bank.
  2. Hi all, Would appreciate a bit of help if possible. I signed up to their Act Now Alerts service and was not "alerted" when I exceeded my limit. I've been trying to point this out to them for over a year now and during which time they've continually applied defaults to my account (FOS were useless as they said that fees were applied in line with T&C and didn't address the non-notification). The case seems to be being passed around the entire Consumer Care Team with no acknowledgement of fault. Any advice please? Does anyone have a contact address for a master and commander? Tha
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