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  1. I know, hindsights a wonderful thing! (having done a long shift with the drunk public I couldnt be bothered to park further up and walk back, again, wrongly assuming there were no traffic wardens around at 4.30 in the morning... should have known , they are a species unto themselves and can come out of cracks in the pavements!)
  2. Unfortunately they were quite obvious. Its a shame people are rudely jumping in and answering on my behalf. As rebel11 said, the lines arent always clear, the lighting isint always great, and traffic wardens can 'see' lines sometimes that arent always obvious to the mere public. So, unless you were there,rude presumptive answers are uncalled for.
  3. To be honest I make you right, there is a slim to zero chance - I know that I was in the wrong - I'm just apoplectic on the morality and principle of it, didnt expect for them to be around that time in the morning (I work as a paramedic and the only council I know who are out in force 24/7 are Westminister) After I posted the above, I checked out the contravention code, as that was really my last hope, unfortunately as you say, it's correct - Guess I'd better just pay up and swallow it . I think I just wanted somewhere to vent my spleen and see if ther was an outside chance ....Alas.....Thanks
  4. I'm wondering it anyone can help in relation to a ticket I was issued at 4.30AM Sunday morning. On my way back from work, I stopped off to pick up some milk etc ( I was probably gone for about 10 minutes). I parked in a side road (Durham Road N7) - I don't have an issue with what I did, ie; I parked on double yellow lines, figuring at 4.30 in the morning there are no patrols. I question the morality and principles of ticketing people at that time in the morning (Trying to support local businesses by shopping locally.) I parked behind a car that was in a residents box. I was not causing an
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