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  1. I think its the Travel Card (Green and Blue card). and i had £2 on me to top up the card thenn i realised that i forgot it
  2. Thank you for your email and I was sorry to read that you have received a Penalty Fare as you did not possess a valid ticket or Oyster card when you travelled with us on 25th March, 2014 between Turkey Street and Rectory Road. Our Penalty Fare scheme requires a valid ticket to be held for the entire journey being made before travel is undertaken. A Penalty Fare is charged in circumstances where there is an opportunity to buy a ticket (or permit to travel) before travelling. In the interest of fairness, Greater Anglia is refrained from involvement in any decision made regarding appeals of Penalty Fares. In order to make an appeal, you will need to contact the Independent Appeals Service (IRCAS). Please find their contact details below: And i've sent them the same thing to Ircaas now, hope they accept
  3. this is what they sent, what does it mean
  4. Thank you for contacting Abellio Greater Anglia. We have received your correspondence and assigned the reference number: ,,,,,,,-BBGP. We aim to respond to 90% of contacts within 10 working days. If your enquiry is urgent, please contact us on 0845 600 7245 (option 8) quoting the reference number above. Customer Relations Opening Hours: Monday to Saturdays: 08:00 to 20:00 Sundays: 10:00 to 20:00 Bank Holidays: 09:00 to 18:00 Once you have received a response, we would really appreciate your feedback on how you feel we have handled your views, and whether our response was to your satisfaction. If you have a few spare moments, we would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire using the link Please note that completion of this survey will not generate a further response. Any further questions should be submitted to the Contact Centre by replying to the response you have received.
  5. Done your method John, hope it works ill reply back if i get any message
  6. An Inspector issued me at Stokenewington in NorthLondon, No i am not getiing chase by them
  7. yea, i did tell the inspector im 14
  8. yea, i can try paying £20. would it work?
  9. what do you mean, i was fined for not having a valid ticket (i do have a ticket) but forgot it at home whilst i was in a rush
  10. I'm 14 and I got fined £20, I was really Ill and forgot to tell my parents about the fine. now they've sent a letter saying you have been fined £55 and now i don't know what to do now. My parents can't afford to pay this, can I get away with this because I live in a flat and theres 2 gate's. Do you think the debt collector will come in? I don't want my parents to go court, really scared right now:(
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