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  1. Hi All I have just completed a statutory credit report on Equifax for £2 and there is no record of me having finance with advantage finance, no credit search and no default notice. Surely it should show up on this??? Any help anyone???
  2. Thank you, yes does say "considered terminated". What reason do I give about reclaiming charges?
  3. Sorry for delay. I am having problems scanning my documents. I have now received another letter saying: Balance: £13284.65 despite numerous attempts to resolve this outstanding debt with our collection team all efforts appear to have failed. We are writing to inform you this matter is now under review with our legal team. Should you fail to make the vehicle available for collection within 7 days we will have no alternative but to take full legal action. This account is now considered terminated. It is our intention to apply to the County Courts for a return of goods order and further enforce that order. If you are still in possession of the vehicle and you wish to surrender it please call our repossessions department. This action will incur further costs to your account. We respectfully suggest you seek independent legal advice and respond within 7 days. Should you wish to make an offer of payment to avoid legal action please do so on the reverse of this letter and return. If no response is received we will proceed to legal action. If you dispute the claim please give full grounds for this dispute and supply any supporting documentation you intend to reply on in court. (Income and Expenditure Form attached). What I don't understand now is they are still saying the account is considered terminated but then ask me to complete an expenditure form with an offer of repayment. Does this mean they will now consider my offer? If so, should I agree to the fixed monthly amount I should be paying or go lower? Should I pay the arrears in full or offer a smaller amount on top of the regular payments?
  4. so as long as its on private property i am fine? Return of goods order definitely needs to go to court does it? In which case i should be fine shouldnt i if the court agrees in my favor? How long will a return of goods take? Should i not communicate with advantage now?
  5. Further develops, my hubby just called me and said the repo man is at our house. He was a very nice guy but said he is repossessing the vehicle so it is best to hand over the keys or he will just remove it off the drive as I haven't paid 1/3. Luckily my hubby phoned me and I spoke to the repo man and said that if he removes it off my drive it is private land and he will be prosecuted for this. He said he is being told what to do by advantage and would I call them. I told him no I am fed up speaking with them as they take no notice so am doing everything in writing. He then said that he would call them. he called them and said that they have told him to leave it but they will be submitting a "return of goods order". What does this mean - will they need to take me to court (if so I can't wait!!)? Also I am guessing he can take the car if it isn't parked on a drive or private property?? Do I need to watch when I am out where to park it? I really need to get this letter sent off to them. Thanks again for any advice
  6. Thanks all you have been great. So what shall I do now with regards to contacting Advantage? Shall I send them a formal letter saying that I have applied for a time order via the court??? I want to send them something in writing so they don't think I am sitting here doing nothing and am going to allow them to take the car
  7. put EVERY MONTHLY payment towards all the extras in it Thanks - so as it all the insurances and the charges ?Sorry for being stupid but how will this help me?
  8. Thanks so much for all your comment. My worry is that they will just take back the car without it going to court. Obviously if it were to go to court I can explain that I was willing to pay but was refused. My arrears are £457. The charges have been approx. £16-£30 per month. They have not cashed my cheque send in March. Add on insurances were GAP, mechanical breakdown and motor protect plus (I paid an extra £50 per month approx. for these which is included is the 320 I pay per month. Funnily enough today I get home from work and receive a "notice of termination" letter stating that "I am no longer in possession of good with their consent. If they are not made available for collection we shall apply to the county court for their return". What shall I do next any ideas? Re a time order, will that stop them doing anything with the car now??
  9. Can anyone help with a letter to send them please as I don't really know what I can say legally and whether what they are saying is true?? I would be enormously grateful
  10. No cannot pay the full loan amount but am willing to pay the arrears which they won't accept. When would I be likely to get the RO? I did read in another forum they can take off your drive - is that incorrect? Also from the email from them which I posted earlier, to me it sounds like they will take me to court if I don't return the car - surely the court will look at this and see they have been totally unprofessional and just let me pay the arrears? I thought that they didn't need a court order if you havent paid 1/3 of the loan. I can keep up with the monthly repayments that isn't a problem, just their refusal to accept payment. Thank you
  11. Thank you. They say they sent DN but dont mention TN - do they have to send TN before repo? No I havent paid 1/3 - do they still need a court order? The email I received this morning from them says: With regards to a default notice please be advised this was issued on 25/03/14 which gave 18 days for your account to be brought up to date. Due to no payment your account has now been terminated and passed through for repossession of ????. It is urgent you contact directly on xxxxxx to arrange collection of the vehicle failure to do so will result in your account being passed to our legal department to commence with a Return of Goods Order via the courts. Any costs in obtaining a Return of Goods will be added to your outstanding balance. I haven't contacted the repo guy just ignored his messages as I want to get my facts straight. So does it mean that if I ignore them they wont come searching for the car and remove off my drive and just take me to court (which will be a good think as I can explain my story!) Thanks again for any help
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