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  1. thanks mrp area is nottingham I've only been in to the office 3 times but have real problems with them... on my last visit when the woman was trying to get me to sign the papers at the reception ( the chairs for people waiting are in a line facing this desk a couple of meters from it) she 'explained' it was only some stuff we'd talked about that day and started reading out a list of some of the things we'd talked about then started reading out my mental health problems! I shushed her and she shut up immediately but really it was dreadful ...infront of a line of people!... just appalling b
  2. I've been put on the work programme with a4e and have numerous complaints against them which I am pursuing. I am on esa. Some of the complaints include the first guy I saw laughing at me, the first guy stating that 95% of the people that went there don't want to find work, the lifts being out of order for 3 weeks at least and the office is on the second floor. and on and on... One of my main concerns however ,which I am taking as far as I can including contacting newspapers, is their behavior concerning contracts and agreements. The first time I went I was given a sheet of paper to si
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