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  1. Thank you Andy - that's a great help!
  2. Please can someone help me! I am in the process of removing three charges on my property, using a suitable lawyer for the process. Settlement figures have been accepted by both parties and monies have been paid. However one of the charge holders (a leasing company) are dragging their feet with sending back the CN1 form. The lawyer and I have both tried but we are not getting anywhere. To complicate matters, I am in the process of selling the said property but this can't complete until all charges have been removed, (so I'm told) Q1: Is it possible to complete a sale without the LR charges being removed although I have proof that they have been settled? Q2: How can I force the charge holder to send the CN1 form in the quickest way? Thank you in advance for any advice / help / pointers
  3. I haven't contacted Land Registry as yet but I think that will be my next step. Thank you for your advice and time
  4. They haven't requested payment, rather the opposite. I'd like to pay them but can not contact them due to letters being returned and telephone numbers not working. If they have closed (ceased trading) how do I get the charge removed?
  5. The property is technically owed by my wife and I but I'm on the mortgage only. It is an interim charging order according to the land registry, the other director has full charging order for the same debt
  6. Thank you so far for the comments; The problem is that there is a charge on the property, I can't sell the property until these have been satisfied. I know that the company has had problems but they have also recently filed their accounts, just can't find if they are still trading and where from.
  7. Yes that is correct - an old business venture. One of the other Directors has a full charging order for the same debts
  8. Universal Leasing Ltd - Cassiobury House, 11-19 Station Rd, Watford
  9. To cut a long story short, I have three interim charges on my property. I have recently been in contact with two of the companies involved and have negotiated a settlement figure. The third I haven't managed to contact and my post has been returned. I have found an email address online and that hasn't been answered either. A company I contacted in error by phone, with a similar name, have said that the company doesn't exist. As they have a charge on the property, how can I get it removed. I'm currently in the process of selling my property so would like to clear this up ASAP. I thank you in advance for any help on this matter. Regards
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