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  1. Congratulations!! What a way to start the new year.
  2. Hi ya all, there is just one problem thay have put up their cleared charges instead now £35 no longer £30. Happy Christmas one and all.
  3. :-? Hi, sorry if this has been asked before I have got my allocation hearing tommorrow at Canterbury Court 12.30 - I assumed Lloyds might have pulled out by now but they haven't - what do I need to take if anything - letter from court just say's parties shall attend the hearing when directions will be given. Should I be worried? Thanks Lisa.
  4. Hi all just an update: Phone call was not to offer full refund so didn't accept it. 28 days up today and they have set defence at the last minute - here we go!!
  5. Thanks will call them to find out.
  6. Hi I am going to get a call tommorrow from a John mcullum to discuss my money claim submitted to creation finance which has been passed to him to deal with - he's hoping the situation can be sorted out. Advice on what to say!! They have until 9th October to defend or I win by judgement. Thanks Vampish.
  7. Hi all - I was just wondering if I can calim against studio cards gifts, which is a type of catalogue. They have charged me service charges and administration charges which started off at £12.75 and evenually went up o £20.00. Hope you can help. Thanks Vampish.
  8. Hi go to the lloyds forum section and read up on some threads. Loads of people have had thier money returned, don't be scared of the courts the banks normally give in before the court appearence date if it gets that far. I had my charges refunded by Halifax within a week of doing the money claim form on line, but it seems Lloyds like to make us wait. Good luck and happy reading.
  9. Good luck to you both will keep looking to see when you are successful.
  10. Thanks for that!! Do I go through the whole procedure again? Prim letter, lba then money claim?
  11. Hi all while my claim was going through they have taken another £489 in 10 days, I would like this back is it possible? Has anyone been succesful in claiming back second charges and not had thier bank acccount closed?
  12. Hi Yes sorry I started a new thread because I couldn't change the title. **WON** Paid into my bank account 3rd August I could not believe it I was so happy!!! How about you? fingers crossed here.
  13. Hi just phoned Creation Financial Services in Birmingham to ask for thier e-mail address. customer.care@certegy.com
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