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  1. Basically my situation is this: I traded my VW Golf into my friends dealership in February 2013 to get a cheaper car in order to reduce my payments. I got a mini in it's place. The golf had outstanding finance, a settlement quote was given and the dealer assured me it had been paid off. I took his word as he was a friend. Scroll forward to two weeks ago when I check my experian and realise that he didn't pay it off in February but waited til July meaning I have three missed payments recorded. This is stopping me from getting a mortgage! My question is how do I get this removed from my credit file ASAP as it's seriously harming my financial status with lenders. Nobody at all will touch me
  2. Don't panic a lot of my close friends are very influential on local government and I believe Mr Mallon councillor for Middlesbrough is leading a campaign for a full investigation into the DVLA's intimidation tactics. Totally a law into themselves as people are frankly scared of the consequences although the gentleman from the DVLA was nothing but gracious
  3. I'm really pleased just couldn't believe 19 cases were withdrawn before me too
  4. I'm thinking about it I've travelled a 40 mile round trip and had my weekend ruined
  5. Yes a mix up with paperwork like you say I've been worried sick and had to get up early when I'm on late shift so will be knackered at work
  6. Withdrawn before it got in the court room £0 to pay all is good with the world 19 cases before me dropped too
  7. I have my section of the V5 (everything below where the yellow strip for selling to a dealer would be
  8. I'm calling Natwest as soon as I get up as I know I'll be able to get the statement that reflects I paid them £80 at their local office which proves I was there which also begs the question to the judge 'why wouldn't I have informed them of change of ownership since both V5's have to be handed over for a plate change to occur'
  9. I'll try but as my friend no longer works at the same garage the deal was done at I'm not optimistic it'll be that simple to get the V5 by 9am :/ what do you think of my chances without it? What do I say?
  10. The letter never said a time just a date. If I'm honest I'd rather just pay the £55 as I have work at 13:30 and this is going to make my day rushed to say the least as the courts 20 mile away from home
  11. I have got the section from the original V5 with the yellow slip removed. The serial code from this V5 will tally up with their records as I won't be able to get the V5 for tomorrow although that would solidify any claim
  12. I heard about section 7 of the interpretations act and something from Section 22/23 could help my case. I'm totally baffled by the law side of things
  13. I closed the account in July last year there's no way I could get it in time
  14. Is there anything I should quote or have to hand regarding the law?
  15. I don't have the receipt for the change of plate but I paid by card at the local office. I'm just worried as to the outcome do they don't believe what I'm saying. I totally forgot I'd been to the DVLA office until recently. Still really worried about it all but I'm sure I'll be ok just hope things go well and I don't end up owing even more money to this [problem]
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