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  1. I see what your saying but given their track record I'll take the refund without fuss and consider myself lucky that it could have dragged on a lot longer and been a lot worse and just re-order but thanks for your help.
  2. It looks like someone has already told you this but you should be able to get the files back using some free file recovery software, they've probably overwrite or re-formatted your C: Drive, this doesn't delete any files but mealy alters the file allocation table leaving the files still intact on your drive. This software will scan for these unallocated files and should list them for you to recover, it may list a lot of different files so may take some time to trawl through them to pick out the ones you want to recover. Can't guarantee it will recover everything, some files may have been over written by the new OS install making it difficult for the software to recover the entire file. Good luck.
  3. Quite Happy, Curry's picked up my damaged oven yesterday so I just phoned them to find out what's going on, they didn't give me any details on what happened but it is confirmed that they are going to give us a full refund which should be in the bank in a few days. True to my word I take back all the bad stuff I said about them, to a point, obviously receiving the product in a damaged condition in the first place is not ideal but at least they are giving us a refund which I'm very happy about. Only issue now is that, that particular model of oven is exclusive to Curry's and our entire kitchen has been built and designed around the colour and dimensions of that oven, I have no choice but to re-order it from Curry's which I would have preferred to have avoided but this time I will be going over every inch of it in major detail the moment it arrives. I'll keep this thread open for now in case anything else goes wrong with the new one. Thank you all very much for your help in this matter, I will certainly make a donation.
  4. Like I said in the original post I have full recordings of all conversations with the company from the very beginning. I learnt that lesson before having dealt with similar problems like this in the past for elderly relatives.
  5. Just got off the phone to my bank and I am covered by section 75 and chargeback so at least if all else fails I can proceed with that and buy the same cooker from elsewhere. I will never buy from Currys again after this and make sure no one else I know does either, it's not worth saving a few pounds for all this hassle and stress.
  6. That would be fine if it was an appliance that I could live without for a while but I need this to be able to eat, don't really have time to wait for letters while we are starving and wasting away, not that I think Curry's will give a hoot about that.
  7. I hope your right, I know what these sort of companies are like, I had a good look through the DSR rules and it's a bit fuzzy what my rights are if I report the damage after the 7 days grace but before the 21 working days for reporting faults. Are they likely to dispute my claim because it was after the 7 days? What do I do if they somehow blame me for the damage and refuse to offer me a replacement even though I have no idea how you can possibly tell from looking at a dent how it was caused. I have absolutely no trust or confidence in them to do the decent thing and just saying "sorry, here is your replacement". If they do I will take it all back but because of the way they have been handling it so far I'm really panicking as I cant afford to pay for another and don't see why I should. It's not even like I don't have witnesses to the whole thing either, 3 carpenters, 2 electricians, 2 gas safe fitter's and me and my other half. Guess I'll wait and see what they say and just hope for the best, no one should have to go through this sort of stress when paying this sort of money.
  8. On line using my Visa Debit Card, why? does that make any difference?
  9. Hello everyone, I have a bit of an issue with a cooker I received from curry's that was damaged on delivery. Me and my other half have been saving for a new kitchen ever since we moved into out new house 2 years ago. To get the money together I have voluntarily served long periods in some very dangerous and unsavoury locations around the world and Sarah my girlfriend whom I bought the house with has been working every hour that she can. It's taken us two years to finally afford to have it done the way we want it, in this day and age we felt very lucky to have been able to save enough money for it having worked so hard with no holidays for 2 years. the day came we found an excellent well established local carpenter with all the fully qualified professional contacts we need to get it all done with all the correct paper work for the works been carried out. In excitement and anticipation for the fitting we ordered quite a few items from on-line retailers, the cooker and hub from Curry's. All seamed to go well, kitchen install looks stunning, the last two items to go in were the cooker and dishwasher. Now I was aware that I had 7 days to inspect the goods and report any damage, when the cooker arrived I did notice the packaging had a broken piece of wood, I thought nothing of it at the time it was just a piece of wood. I removed the packaging and looked around the oven to make sure it was OK. Not been in anyway a qualified professional in the field of household appliances I could see nothing wrong. Also not being on anabolic steroids and built like a professional power lifter I couldn't exactly lift the 140Kg+ free standing cooker out of the packaging to see near the bottom to check for damage so I just assumed it was fine. On the last day of the kitchen install the final appliance to go in was the cooker, it took 4 young 6ft plus manual labouring blokes to lift the thing out of the packaging. The first to look at it was the electrician, a fully registered and qualified professional business owner. He noticed that at the very bottom at the back the cooked had taken an obvious knock which looked like a folk lift had hit it. It wasn't a huge dent but it was enough to warp some of the panels on the back and push one right in. Because of the position it was in I would never have been able to see it without removing it completely from the packaging which I would never have been able to do on my own. The electrician said he wasn't happy to install it as there may be internal damage that could be potentially very dangerous and possibly cause electrocution or a gas leak if used. The news absolutely devastated us, my girlfriend fell to the floor in floods of tears at the news. I got straight onto the phone to Curry's to explain the situation, after eventually getting through the automated system I was put through to the company who made the cooker who said because it was outside of the 7 days I had to go directly to Curries. I got through to the customer services at Curries who after speaking to several of their representatives and 5 phone calls later agreed to recover the item and inspect it to determine the cause of the damage. Who inspects the damage? is it an independent and unbiased company or just Curries them selves? If so how is that fair to the customer? I'm very worried they are going to try and get out of sending us a replacement, I don't really want a refund I'm very happy with the make and model of the Cooker, I just want what I paid for in a new condition undamaged condition. The customer representative said on the phone if it was a cheaper product we wouldn't have had an issue, I don't see what difference the price of an item makes, if it's delivered damaged it should should be replaced no matter what the cost. We haven't had a hot meal now for 2 weeks, it starting to affect our physical and mental health from the stress and cold food, can anyone advise me on anything I can do or say to them to hurry things along and get a replacement. One thing we have done is report the fault within 21 days of receiving the product. Any advice would be much appreciated and on another note I have full recordings of all phone conversations with Currys about this fault. Thank you. Dave
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