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  1. Thank you, any idea how long this Work Programme lasts? do i have to go daily? I have just emailed my MP
  2. So i have to go although im appealing being in the WRAG group?
  3. So what do you think i need to do?
  4. Have managed to scan documents how do i upload on here
  5. Hi my printer will not scan for some reason? is there something different i have to do, i was on Vista but upgraded to windows 8
  6. il scan everything they sent even the front of booklet and jobseeker self assessment
  7. They even sent a booklet saying Jobseeker Welcome Guide. Im not a job seeker!
  8. Yes i wil try and upload the letter right now, Il propbably be back needing help to upload it here
  9. How do i check my prognosis? Do i phone the benefit centre?
  10. Id just like to add i did not sign anything saying i agree to going which i guess does not matter as it is mandatory,
  11. Hi, Could anyone help me? I saw the disability advisor on Wednesday at the job centre. She said it is mandatory that i go and attend the work programme. I have Depression/Social Phobia/ Anxiety and OCD and suicidal thoughts. The advisor was told of this by my mum as i do not go out alone, i do not answer the telephone or make calls or even open my letters. I do not talk to strangers, my mum spoke to this woman for me as i have extreme shyness. I have suicidal thoughts daily about overdoseing on tablets which my GP knows about and has issued medication and has reffered me for counselling. I am in the work related group but am appealing to be put in to the support group as the disabilty advisor said maybe its where i should be. I have an appointment for the work programme on Monday 28th April, the letter asks me to bring a job seekers agreement and asks what kind of work am i looking for and how many hours in the last 4 weeks have i been preparing for interviews/ applied for jobs. I have not been looking for work as every day is a struggle with these thoughts i get, just thinking about going to this appointment makes me want to jump infront of a train, I am due to see the GP on the same day about getting support and different medication. What will happen if i do not go to the work programme appointment? I am going to get my mum to phone for me on Tuesday and explain to the advisor. Thank you for helping me, Im worried sick and feel i would be better off not being here.
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