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  1. Yes they did cancel it, and I got notification from the court of this. Id appreciate it if you could draft it for me. I think its also time to sort out all the charges they are piling onto this loan thanks for all your help
  2. Hi All after all your advice, I managed to sort this. And had a £60 re payment put in place for the arrears. I have paid this on time for the past 3 months no problem. Today I received a call from a case manager, to review the arrangement. We went through the expenditure and income form. All off the top of my head. She has told me that I now have more money available to pay the arrears of quicker. But as I said to her, physically I don't have anymore income, in fact, I feel like I have less. But I am happy to carry on paying the agreed
  3. So should I still complete the forms, even if I make arrangements to pay the arrears off? Also do forms need to be completed for both of us?
  4. Thanks for all the replays, made me less anxious about the situation, you just see repossession and see the worst. GM have sent me a breakdown of my account, from day 1. I'm sure that had all my charges on there. So if I phone GE up do I have to have arrears paid up straight away, before court date. or over a period of time? As long as I stick to it Cheers
  5. Ok so if I clear the arrears, it will stop the court? I have been penalised a lot by GM.. £40 for late payments etc etc I do have a mortgage as we'll yes
  6. Hi its the 2nd June. Is there anyway I can stop it. ie clearing the arrears. Or has it gone beyond that now?
  7. Hi All Only just come across this site, Im seeking advice. GE Money are taking me to court for repossession of my house. I am married with 4 children. My monthly payment of my secured loan is £250. At the moment I am £850 in arrears. I have made arrangements to pay the arrears, but have struggled to make the payment. I have made a payment of £350 last month, with the plan of making that each month. By the time my court case comes up, I will be £600 in arrears. The loan is in 2 names. Do I have to fill in court papers for each person,
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