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  1. Well when they wrote back to me asking for details on hardship, I had so many debt letters people taking me to court, I was behind with my mortgage, council tax and struggling so much so I sent them a copy of every letter to prove that I was really in hardship. Sorry I can't be of to much help Good luck x
  2. Hi, sorry but have been really busy, I have no news to report as no one has got back to me do you think this is a good thing? Lisa
  3. Hi, Thanks everyone for your help, I had a good response and had £6500 worth of charges refunded due to our hardship problems, they did not refund any interest charges but on the other hand they did not say it was in full and final settlement so I am assuming I can get this once the case has gone through court? does this sound about right? Lisa
  4. I sent my first Hardship letter to Abbey on 6 July 2009 I received a letter from Abbey in reply to this on 13 July 2009 I then sent my paperwork back to Abbey on 29 July 2009 (slightly delayed due to Nan passing away) I received a letter from Abbey on 4 August 2009 telling me there is a dealy and hope to get back to me in the next 4 weeks Lisa
  5. I wondered if someone could help me, I tried to claim my bank charges back a couple of years ago and got put on hold due to currect court cases. After going to Martin Lewis's website I realised I come under the catogory for Hardship, I was made redundant two years ago (I was pregnant with my 2 year old) we are in mortgage arrears and 2 secured loans on the property are in arrears, we are also water & council tax arrears. I wrote to Abbey claiming hardship and they sent me a financial request so I sent them copies of all debt letters and court letters and a details of our income and expenditure. ( I do apologise if spelling is bad only doing this whilst half a sleep) I was delayed sending in these details as my Nan passed away but I wrote a covering letter with this information. I have since received a letter from Abbey 4 August 2009 advising me that 'Our research is taking longer than expected because we want to make sure a full investigation is done. I we are unable to complete our investigation beforehand, we will write to you again in four weeks time to let you know who we are getting on.' What should I do as I feel I am being fobbed off by them, could someone please advise? Maggie:-?
  6. Ok, I sent my CCR request and received a letter on Friday 7 August 09 advising me that they have received my letter and are looking into it.
  7. Hi, whilst I am in the process of sending a letter to Fredrickson I have received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors, Should I send them the same letter as well? which is a CCA request letter. Lisa
  8. Thank you very much Tomtubby, your thread was very helpful and unfortunatley my Bailiff was Certified, but at least I found my answer. Thanks again for everyone that helped. maggie2lisa
  9. Hi, I have been looking everywhere on the Internet to find out if a Bailiff that turned up on my door is Certified, but I can't find a website to help me. Can advise me where I need to go to find this informatiom? Lisa
  10. No it is higher than that, no we do not claim and benefits or tax credits. Our income is £30,000
  11. Thank you for your response, I will give the 1st option a go. What do I do when they reply? I sent Egg a Subject Access Request a last year and there was not that many charges to reclaim. Ida
  12. I'm not working, my husband is working self employed builder. no arrangement was made at the time, just given a form with the amount that needs to be paid.
  13. Sorry wasn't classing everyone as an idiot just my husband who was stopped twice in the space of about a week!! It is about 6 months since the offence's, No we haven't moved. But he did have to go to court, and then it came to light that his license had been suspended in 2005 as points weren't added but fortunatley they were hand written on so got away with fine and points rather than being done for no license.
  14. I had an Egg credit card which started in October 2002. When I first got the credit card it started well I had a small limit and would spend money and pay it off when the bill was due. Then money got tight and very easily I was able to up't the limit but I was not always clearing the bill so over a couple of years I had a debt of £3500 ( I will call Fredrickson in the morning to confirm amount I started at just incase they have put charges on). I stopped paying the credit card as I was struggling with the high payments they wanted. Due to the payments not being made Fredrickson International had the case and I set up an arrangement of £50 a month. Since the arrangement started I have paid £1050 and currently owe £2099.09 Do I have to pay them? Please advise on what I should do? My husband spoke to someone who said that I should not pay them and should look on here for advice. Please help!!
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