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  1. I've paid tax since I was 16. I have paid both lower rate and higher rate. I've contributed to this country both by paying taxes and serving in the Armed Forces. Please don't lecture me about the morality of my actions. We have blokes with no legs who get support via charities because the MOD/Government don't stump up the cost. As I've said, I've always contributed above and beyond. Now I've found myself in hardship I've been treated like dirt - the harsh reality is, the rules are not set up to help people but to put them down and punish them. Empowering yourself with the knowledge of how the system works is the only way to fight the tyranny which the government is imposing on the disabled and poor.
  2. Okay - there is no "fine" only a court can impose a fine. What you will get is a glorified invoice. Follow everyone's advice on here and ignore it. File it in the bin and ignore any other letters they send you. There is nothing more to add to this. No PCSO is going to come to your house, no one is going to come to your house full stop. It's up to you if you believe this, but it's right. Have a nice life now. Don't steal, don't [problem] and move on from this. You got lucky. Congratulations.
  3. Would you be moving in with your partner or being a lodger? Sorry if that is naughty but it does seem like a sensible way to sort this unfair mess out. If he has two rooms thats the way I'd play it. If not maybe he sleeps on the sofa because he needs a lodger to pay the rent. Don't you have to move out because your parents have kicked you out? Or am I just imagining that?
  4. This is almost all too bizarre to be real. Did the PCSO's explain to you that you were being detained? Did the security inform you that you were under arrest? Why were you not taking to a custody suite? Did you admit anything to the security or PCSO's? Again it's all a bit bizarre. Complaining to the IPCC whilst on paper a good idea will come to nothing. Personally I'd file or paperwork in the bin and forget about it. Nothing will happen now.
  5. She said in front of her manager than "all my other clients are happy to use UJM and give me access, so they don't need to do this'. Oh well - one email a day isn't going to kill me. Just looking forward to showing her she can't go to all the jobs I apply for!
  6. You are a legend. Here is my plan of attack - I am going to wire myself up (luckily I have this equipment as I was a videographer in another life). And then I'll give her the document. With a little luck she will incriminate herself, and then I can go straight to the manager with both this document and also the recording of her ignoring it and treating me like dirt. My aim here is to get another advisor - and I think with this I will get that. It's a shame there isn't a similar rule for her making me email my jobsearch every day.
  7. If I am allowed I will post the recording (obviously removing anything confidential).
  8. Okay - so I am going to continue to send her emails everyday. Because I can't afford to lose my benefit. However I don't even know if I am getting my benefits yet. She sent off for me to be sanctioned last tuesday - and I havn't heard back. She claims I will get a letter when I get a letter. And says she doesn't know. However I won't get any benefits til the decision makes makes his/her mind up. How long does this usually take? Also I do have all the equipment to do a covert recording. So I think I shall do that. I'll let her say whatever she has to say and then send a copy to the manager asking her what is she going to do about it. Hopefully I'll get my money and I will also get a new advisor. But maybe that's me trying to be too positive .
  9. Thanks guys. I did originally complain after she told me I wasn't trying hard enough, that my standards were too high, that the course I did was pointless, that she would never have recommended it, that I was wasting my time. I called up and that is why the manager was sitting in on it. The advisor tried to be nice at first, but she couldn't hold it back even with the manager sitting there. The problem is that they are obviously friends from they way they were chatting. They were just backing each other up. So I've asked for a new advisor before and have got no where. This women only works a couple of days a week and she clearly is from the old school. She keeps talking about "paying" me and tells me I should be grateful. I've explained that I'm not living on £70 as a lifestyle choice. She is also trying to push me to apply for work which is beneath my skills level (sorry if that sounds arrogant). When I told her my last salary she said "not even we are on that". Basically she seems to think that I should apply for pot washing jobs, even though I have a professional background. I am going to record her though. As I know her nasty tone will be even worst without a manager there. Do I have to tell her I am recording? I do look for jobs, and am happy to show them a print off from my own log. I wanted to use my ipad to show her but was told I'd be sanctioned for that as she needs proof incase I am doing it wrong. Overall I'm getting very upset by this women now. She just seems to want to put me down, and belittle me.
  10. Thanks Rebel. The problem is, the advisor seems to have taken it as a personal insult that I won't give her access to my UJM account. My reasons for doing so are because I am looking for work and using UJM is a pain, and also because I feel that the only reason they insist on it is to make people incriminate themselves and thus sanction them! However I am now in the same position with having to email her every day, showing what I am/have been doing! This really is a joke. What is worst is that she admitted in front on her manager, that she was will be contacting every employed that I apply to. she even admitted that it would reduct my chances of finding a job. I feel like I am being bullied by this women. What is more, I generally am just sick of her rude and condescending manner. I don't want to be on benefits and she seems to be making it as horrible as possible for me. I really do want to know if they are allowed to dictate that I email EVERY day, rather than just brining my job search in every week??? Thanks.
  11. Long/short story. Got a new advisor, and she was awful. Putting me down, being rude so I complained. She also tried to sanction me because she said she didn't think I was trying hard enough. I have dyslexia and struggle with writing. And she said me written job search wasn't good enough. I'm not sure if I will lose my money or not. Anyway - after complaining to the manager, the manager wanted to sit in on the meeting. She did. Well because I have removed access to my universal job match they are not making me email every day showing what I am doing. Are they allowed to do this? It seems unreasonable to me.
  12. Good idea though. I've come to this conclusion. 1) Either there is something they don't want me to see (which in reality is probably unlikely, as the simplest way to make me go away and forget about it will cost them nothing in their money terms). 2) They have seen these threads online, and am not going to let me win, as they worry it would open up the floodgates, and encourage others to sue for similar breaches (most likely, so if you looking O2 or slimy lawyer HI ) 3) They honestly believe I took out the accounts and are making an example of me. I can't see this as being true - as I've provided enough evidence to both Lowells and Cabot for them to think the accounts are not mine. So in reality I'm plumping for 2.
  13. Not really relavent to me. Before this I never had a single default or even late payment marker. Now the defaults are removed I am in the same position. So I haven't already got a really awful credit rating, and there actions caused me to have one for over 3 years.
  14. Umm - not possible in my case as the phones were taken out years before I worked at the shop. And- more importantly, if someone did do that it would be infinitely trackable. Everything is done under your "login". So it's all trackable. Nothing can be done without having a record of who did it and when. Even down to the computer terminal that did it. So unlikely, in most cases. However this is again all too confusing for me. If O2 really did believe that I took the accounts out they would have that information. They would be able to tell me to the second when I took the accounts out, they could tell me all the bank information etc... They don't seem to have that information - or be willing to let me know.
  15. No. I've only ever had an account with vodafone. However I do know that they are lying. Basically they said on the phone that one of the phones was brought from carphone warehouse... For 3 months I worked for carphone warehouse when I left the forces and needed a job badly. We used a system call pie. Obviously I looked myself up (before I knew this might I add). Basically the system saves literally everything. So I know that there is no way that the phone was taken out via carphone warehouse. I even asked for the storecode - as I still know people who work for them. Guess what - they wouldn't tell me. The only thing under my "lead" was a charger I had brought and stuff like that. There were no phones brought from the carphone warehouse under my name... Literally could not and did not happen. It's not even possible to remove the information - even if a phone is removed. Once it goes into pie it is there forever. I also know about how contracts are set up because of that job. This is probably more about your previous question - but lets just say that it's more than possible to link an account to another persons bank, the bank for direct debit account isn't even checked when a phone is taken out. Infact there are ways around the credit checks... You should need a debit/credit card for identification. However again there is a long winded way around that. Put it this way - if you wanted to open a phone account in someone elses name it wouldn't be hard to do. Infact once it happened at my store by accident... Someone opened a phone account in their dads name, as the D.O.B was not checked... All of the internal safety checks failed.
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