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  1. Hi, I need some advice please, i know u must get many saying this each day so understand if it will take a while to reply. Unfortunately i had a judgement placed upon me by a debt collector, i was very unwell at the time and i stupidly just ignored it as had more important things on my mind, plus medication at time gave me little energy to even fight this. This is from 2011. I now only felt strong enough since late last year to try and fight for it, i asked the company in question to prove that i owe this debt, they claimed they were having trouble locating my file and they would need more time, this went on for about 7 months. After i sent template letters asking them to remove it off my credit file because they cant provide evidence, they took months again to bother replying as they claim there legal team is looking into it. They finally got back to me stating : As Judgement was granted on 15 May 2011, we are no longer required to provide to you any documentation relating to the debt. Im confused as previously they said they would and that they are trying to locate it. Does anyone know what i need to do next? Going to Court will be quite stressful for me but i guess it will be the only way to ask for it to be set aside as it seems the debt collector is now refusing to now cooperate thank u Jayne
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