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  1. well first things first thanks for you recent help i contacted the courts to find out how my claim was going ans they told me i could entre a judgment against A&L so on monday evening that is exactly what i did i still have had no money and i am now able to issue a warrent all for £207.00 its crazey! however it will cost me an extra £55.00 so if by tuesday i still have not received my money then that is what i shalll be doing once issued i will then start the whole process again for the recent chatges i have inccured! i will keep you posted thanks klare
  2. just checked paper work notice of issue received 27th november giving them til the 16th december to respond acknowledgment of service has been filed received on the 29th november states defend all of this claim so in all they have filed a defense what happes now will they go to court do i now need to contact the courts again or wait????????? thanks klare
  3. Hi, thanks for replying i received 2 letters one acknowledgment that the claim has been made(from MCOL) the other was a copy of my claim with the details filled in at the bottom intend to defend, so what happens now i have never needed to go any further, do i need to do something else or wait for a date for the hearing or are they still likley to settle up in the immediate futire many thanks klare
  4. hi for fellow A&L customers i have filed my MCOL received my letter confirming the deadline for their response which would have been the 16th december, in this time the filed a defence but its now some 3 weeks or so and i have heard nothing from either the courts or A&L i had a refund very quickly with the CO OP even though they still stated they would defend can any one enlighten me if this is normal and how long should i have to wait til i hear something, im affraid i lost my sister a few weeks ago and my head is so confused im struggling to remember anything many thanks klare
  5. in 2 days A&L has to submitt how they intend to play this i have heard nothing from A&L nor MCOL only my orignal letter confirming the claim and the deadline for a&l to do what ever anyone else had this and how did it turn out and what now lol
  6. as it clearly states HSBC have offered me a refund for all charges minus % (£273.79) which i feel is ok il give them that however................ i wrote to them about 2 accounts my joint account with hubby and hubby's account listing very clearly both account numbers and amounts claiming for joint account was for £880 ish hubbys £1958.39 both with hsbc now the problem is they have sent me their letter of final settlement but they have done the wrong amount for the wrong account they have affered this £1685. (£1958.39 - £273.79 %) for the joint account now that isnt what is being claimed there has been no mention on this letter about hubbys account nor the sum of £880 is sounds very confusing i know! but basically the offer they have sent i cant surely except as it the wrong figure and mores to the point should i except foir the sake of £273. 79 now bearing in mind i havent as yet sent them my LBA as yet like planned as i have had some heavy family emotions to cope with so to be honest to get back £1685. would be fine so long as it was honered for the other account to £880 im after advise and the general feel what do you think should i go for the total sum oh also another valid point im in debt on my loan with hsbc for about 2.5k im concerned tehy will pay it straight into my account and get consumed when really it should be divided up to all my debtors equally so i will request a cheque have you all had problems in getting your cheques, sorry im still very stressed so if i sound confused i am i really need some strong sounding advise please many thanks klare
  7. hi everyone im having a mental block in the section that states what are you claiming notes below it it asks does it affect the human rights act 1998 do i put yes or no thanks complete block klare:confused:
  8. Hi i have just recieved my statements and an offer for £140, so far i toted up in charges alone not any % charges and thats £450, they have slamed on excessive % in some cases £84.00 and called it credit insurance fees????? but this is something that they have started since summer 05 has anyone else got similar on theirs and can i claim these back? many thanks also can i claim for retail % cash % transfer charges? and these credit insurance fees i know i can not claim for cash handling (machine charges) KLare
  9. wow thanks for that guys, i am abit prem really its been 30 days i have emailed them to try and get them focused so we will see what happens lol
  10. bookworm, sickof a&l, thankyou so much yes ive done everything else so its on course as it were ive been using my other bank as my main account now most dd are in place a few still to set up but getting there just need hubby,s wages going in there and then im away, but that can be sorted this week, you are absolutly right there is every chance i will win! have either of you had experience with mbna as they cashed my cheque weeks ago now but still no statements any idea what the process is now??? thanks again onwards and upwards!
  11. ok i have started to doubt my claim i know i shouldnt because its the same situation as you all, i have had a letter from them telling me we owe you nothing i beg to differ and i have worked out what teyu owe me plus a further charge for unauthorised OD, now i have giventhem plenty of time to cough up, and i should have claimed my MCO last week, so tomorrow i will be claiming online, i know they (or im sure) will contest it but i just feel so kicked about i need a boost is it the bootle address i need for online claim to? sorry pitiful really klare
  12. morning everyone ive just checked through last months statements, and low and behold my cheque payment to MBNA for statements has been cashed adn they havent sent me my statements??????? they did send me a letter a week ago saying they are looking into my complaint, but i havent complained yet lol only requested my statements lol has anyone else had any problems getting their statements im assuming (HOPING) they will arrive this week............................... thanks klare
  13. kickingkay

    Queen G vs MBNA

    well at least they have contacted you lol they cashed my cheque last week wrote to tell me that they are looking into my complaint and ive heard nothing since!!! good luck klare
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