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  1. The table was my dining room table I do have personal coverage also. My excess is £50 and costs £75 ish to replace my phone screen (damn apple) also my laptop as it was dropped on the charger port and pushed in its soldered to my motherboard or was so not sure how good a repair will be. Literally never claimed before can't believe I've had the policy a week and may have too!!
  2. Hi ALL My bag containing my laptop and phone (and some other stuff) has just been knocked off the table the screen on my phone has broken and also my laptop now doesn't work- I do have home insurance the problem is i changed to that provider literally 3 days ago haven't even made my first payment yet.. .. I have never made a claim for anything before and had a provider previously only changed for a better deal. I cant afford to replace them myself and i have checked and should be covered cant see where it wouldnt be. Do i phone them anyway or d
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