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  1. Just called national rail to double check and it appears an any time day single does cost £25.60 not the £24.70 which is advertised online. I will just have to have a go with my original appeal and try for a few extra hours at work. Thank goodness for interest free student over drafts eh?!
  2. Yes that was my entire journey, I didn't know that/hadn't thought to look into it. Thank you! I will change my appeal then, as you are probably correct about me having more luck basing it on that.
  3. Ah, yeah see they wouldn't really be losing out much on me - I pay £6.60 in total for trips home from university once every couple of months. Hopefully they appreciate that I wasn't intending to commit an offence, though they probably wont .
  4. Thank you very much for your reply! Ah, I will have a look on the website you mentioned. I am just so annoyed at myself, it didn't even cross my mind until the inspector asked me to present my rail card, as no one had ever asked before. But, thanks again!
  5. I lost my rail card last Thursday, traveled yesterday using a ticket I had booked in advance in March, with a young persons rail card discount. Naively didn't realise that I would be committing an offence travelling since I do genuinely have a rail card and was in possession of a physical copy it when I purchased the tickets. Silly me, wont be something I will be doing again I am appealing it, as I thought I may as well have a go. A £52 penalty fare over £1.70 just seems ridiculous - who would deliberately try and defraud the system out of £1.70?! Would anyone mind giving me some fe
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