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  1. Why are you guys referring to Streetview??? You do know that is only a snapshot in time taken potentially years ago? It doesn't show the roadworks, and isn't taken at night, to mention just two differences. To be honest, such references devalues what you say. It's no good throwing almost dead cert predictions at me, without any empirical or even anecdotal/case history evidence from a very similar case to back up your assertion.
  2. I won't be holding my breath for a positive result but I'll let you know how I get on.
  3. My last reply 2 days ago didn't get submitted...due to the hyperlink. Oh well, here goes again: Thanks again for your comments. However, the fact is I will appeal on the basis that: 1. It wasn't possible to get a clear frontal view of the time plate without either stepping in to the middle of a busy road with traffic passing in both directions or crossing the road. Perhaps the traffic warden felt comfortable doing this, as I expect he had high visibility or reflective clothing. 2. Even if I had noticed the sign it wasn't clear which bays the sign was applicable to. It just read 'Res
  4. If you bothered reading my first post you'll have read that I did 'bother' walking up the street in both directions looking for restricted signage. Please see my reply just posted that explains why it wasn't seen. Thank you.
  5. Thank you ever so much Jamberson and Michael Brown for your very help. Here are the most useful photos, even though mine are dismissed because they have no timestamp. The first one is the blurred one of the timeplate taken by the Council. I can't make out any distinguishing marks to accurately place it, though I must assume it is the one that I inadvertantly took when taking the front shot of my car. If you can enlarge that photo you will see the yellow warning sign lower down the lamppost as well as the profile/edge view of the timeplate which I failed to notice. The timeplate in clear clos
  6. Yes, there was no restriction plate at all next to either bay. I was parked outside 15 Bedford Street which on Google maps isn't shown as numbered yet. It is black-fronted shop with large windows to the left of Patisserie Valerie, more or less where that silver car is parked. There was scaffolding along the street right by car and the cordoned off roadworks started behind my car, where that blue Merc or Daimler is parked on Google maps. I went back to the spot last night and all the scaffolding, cordons are gone and roadworks complete. Without the obstructions the residents parking timeplate i
  7. 4 weeks ago, back in March, I parked in a parking bay designated only by a single solid white line. This was in a busy but small street in a nightlife area of central London. Before I left home I had checked for on street parking in the vicinity on the internet, including the local council's own website as I wanted to avoid any restrictions, etc. There was onstreet parking provided further down the same street (which was all taken), but I wasn't sure if the two empty bays were restricted or not. So before I left my car I walked up the street in both directions looking for any parking
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