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  1. The schools you delivered to earlier should give you access to toilet facilities. https://www.rha.uk.net/news/press-releases/2017-11-november/rha-relieved-that-hse-has-reviewed-its-approach-to-trucker%E2%80%99s-toilets
  2. To further expand on my reply, If the nectar card concerned was virtually only ever credited with points on a checkout you were logged into then after a certain period of time this would be a red flag for Eagle Eye. Ironically if you'd taken money from the checkout this would have been a lot harder to link to you as each checkout is often used by multiple operators in any given day and the only real way of linking an individual to a cash theft is via CCTV or doing a search and finding them with the money. This is time consuming and is far more likely to be pursued through the courts by Sainsburys. The fact that Sainsbury's has farmed this out to DWF is a strong indicator that they have washed their hands of it.
  3. It would've been the Eagle Eye software that flagged up a discrepancy, the fact that one particular Nectar card was used an abnormal number of times on a checkout you were logged into. This software is automated and requires very little human interpretation, the chances of Sainsbury's pursuing you for security costs is in my opinion very small, it would not be cost effective for them to take legal action.
  4. Submit your request for an appeal at the same time give them a SAR.
  5. Make sure you make an audio recording of any meeting, it could prove invaluable if you end up at an Employment tribunal. If you do go into the meeting alone and feel overwhelmed at any time then do request a brief adjournment, so you can get your thoughts together and process the information so far. Do not be timid about requesting several brief adjournments, if that is what you need to respond effectively.
  6. Give the union all the information and let them know what you expect from them, don't accept a second rate service. Ultimately, if the union proves useless then the fight is down to you, pull no punches and attack on all fronts. Passivity is not your friend, attack, attack, attack, but also try to keep a sense of perspective about the whole thing. When all is said and done it's just a job, not life and death.
  7. That's your opinion. A union is only as good as its local rep, if the rep is useless then you're effectively on your own. Do not rely on a union to save you, you need to be proactive in your own defence.
  8. Because it puts your employer on warning that you're not going to roll over and accept being treated badly.
  9. Try not to panic or get stressed, just enjoy getting paid for doing nothing and let them do their investigation. I'd also submit a SAR to your employers requesting a copy of everything they hold , written, email or CCTV. This at least will let them know you're not going to put up with any nonsense from them.
  10. You would almost certainly now meet the criteria for being regarded as disabled. Therefore your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments. Have a read of this https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/multipage-guide/employing-people-workplace-adjustments
  11. I think that when you created the limited company you started a new business so aren't exempt from the legislation.
  12. You might not feel that way if you were on the receiving end of a DWP compliance interview. I would personally never report benefit fraud unless I was 100% sure of my facts.
  13. You've got very little to lose by asking for a MR, try this tool http://www.advicenow.org.uk/pip-tool .
  14. She might be doing permitted work, just because it's cash in hand doesn't necessarily make it illegal.
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