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  1. Hi,


    I've posted all the documents to HSBC, I sent it by recorded delivery but I guess due to the bank holiday it will take longer than normal to receive a response.


    In the mean time I replied to Amazon correcting them that I did infact buy the camera in 2013.

    They responded by offering a 'goodwill gesture' in the form of a partial refund of £150, which is the current selling price of the camera.

    At the moment I am going to wait for HSBC's response but if they say a chargeback is not possible, will pushing Amazon further be beneficial?

    I know they are in the wrong but I don't want to be left with nothing.

  2. Received an updated email from Amazon which basically says they are ignoring the Sale of Goods Act:



    "My name is Dean O'Callaghan and I represent Executive Customer Relations within Amazon and in this capacity, your correspondence has been brought to my attention.


    I am sorry to hear of the difficulty experienced with the Fujifilm XF1 Camera - Tan (12MP, 4x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD received in February 2012 from your order #


    Under European Law customers may make a claim in respect of defective goods for a period of at least two years (under UK Law the maximum period is 6 years).


    This does not imply that an item has a warranty of two years or six years respectively but permits an individual to make a claim under certain circumstances within that time period.


    Amazon do not provide the warranty for this item. However, we do have certain obligations under the Sale of Goods Act which grants recourse against a seller of goods if those goods were defective at the time of purchase (i.e. if there was an inherent fault in the goods). This may include, in certain circumstances, repair, refund or replacement, but only to the extent that doing so is not disproportionate to the value of the goods, having regard to the use the customer has already had of the goods and the nature of the goods. In addition, in order to be entitled to any repair, refund or replacement 6 months or more after purchase of goods, you must be able to provide evidence that the product was defective at the time of purchase.


    For more information on your rights under the Sale of Goods Act you can contact your local Trading Standards Office.


    You purchased your product approximately 26 months ago and, until recently, have used it successfully and reported no fault with the product until now. In particular, you have had satisfactory use of the product for a period of time which exceeds the manufacturer's warranty period. As such, you are not entitled to a replacement or refund of the replacement value.


    Please note that the manufacturer is often in a better position than the retailer to deal with technical problems affecting their products. Therefore, should you wish to pursue this matter further, we would encourage you to once again contact the manufacturer to see if they are able to provide you with any further assistance. They may be in a position to offer a repair service or could provide you with information on relevant charges for an out of warranty repair


    Kind regards


    Dean O Callaghan

    Executive Customer Relations"


    Not only am I a bit annoyed at Amazon for trying to fob me off but they clearly haven't even given the email they sent me much attention.

    I bought the camera in February 2013.

    It is impossible to have bought the camera in February 2012 as it was released in the UK during September 2012.


    And for what it is worth I started silversmithing as a hobby and began selling the jewellery I made online.

    I bought the camera to photograph the jewellery and for as long as I have owned it, it has only been outside the house twice.

  3. Hi,


    I turned off the paper statement option but can access/print them from my online account.


    Should I write to that address including the statement, proof of purchase, a letter explaining the situation and a copy of all the email correspondance I have received from Amazon?


    Hi Peach


    Have you got a Credit Card statement handy?


    Write to us at the following address:



    The Manager,

    Customer Care Team,

    PO Box 6125,


    CV3 9GW



  4. I phoned HSBC today and tried to initiate a chargeback. The person I spoke to wasn't sure if they were able to because so long has passed, but said I would get a call back.


    I have been trying to find their postal address on their website but after 30 minutes of looking it seems impossible to find!

    I came across this address by using Google maps:

    1-9 The Grove

    Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1QP

    United Kingdom


    The only other address I can find is for the accounts department?

  5. Hi,


    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


    I bought a camera from Amazon on 08/02/2013 a few days ago it stopped working, it is 14 months old.

    I know it is out of warranty, I emailed Amazon and that is all they said and told me to take it up with the manufacturer.

    I read about online about the Sales of Goods Act and emailed them back, in particular about working upto 6 years, but Amazon's stance didn't change. Just that they hoped they would 'see me again soon'? :|


    A bit about the camera:

    I bought it only 6 months after it had been released on sale. The fault was not known then.

    There is an inherent flaw with the camera, the manufacturer has never admitted so but independent experts and users do.

    Amazon have also admitted the problem is inherent in an email that they sent to me.


    There are several reviews/fixes/stories other camera owners have posted on the internet about their camera's not working.

    At all times the manufacturer has said the fault is not inherent, even if the camera is in pristine condition.

    Many have returned their camera's to the manufacturer, who always blame the owner for nonexistant miss-use or damage.

    From what I can find online it seems like a high percantage, if not all, model of this camera are effected.


    At this point I believe Amazon are trying to fob me off, any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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