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  1. Hi everyone. I have received this correspondance with regards to how charges have been made up - could this be confirmed as ok? Thanks Local Authority Penalty charge notice 19/03/2013 £70.00 Charge certificate 05/07/2013 £35.00 TE3 & TE9 09/10/2013 £7.00 Total £112.00 Andrew James Enforcement Warrant of Execution 04/02/2014 £112.00- address being confirmed for these charges Letter of Instruction 06/02/2014 £13.44 Visit 17/02/2014 £41.66 Visit 20/02/2014 £53.09 Enforcement 11/04/2014 £235.00 Total £455.19
  2. Right I have just spoken to TEC - thanks for the advice about ignoring all prompts Warrant was requested 4/2/2014 at my previous address which i vacated 09/2013 TEC said the only address they had was my previous address and they couldnt comment as to why the enforcement agents were enforcing at my gf's work address. Waiting for out of time to arrive and then will send straight back
  3. Is it my job to prove they aren't my goods? And can they enforce against an address that has no ties to me at all?
  4. My 2 main queries are Can they take things from gf's shop - they say I need to prove goods aren't mine... Can they add £340 of charges for visiting the wrong address?
  5. Hi there, Andrew James are enforcing for a parking ticket which was from March 2013. The car was sold not long after, and I also moved address. Andrew James state they have sent letters and made visits to the former address to get the ticket paid for. For some reason they have now identified one of my gf's work premises as my home and are enforcing the debt there threatening to remove goods for auction... I have nothing to do with either her business, nor the address in question. Also the car was never registered to the business or the address they are enforcing. I do not dispute owing £112 for the parking ticket, however the £340 of charges Andrew James have added by sending letters and bailiffs to addresses where I have not been present seems unfair. I have spoken to Andrew James and was told - Pay up or they will continue to enforce my gf's business.... I spoke to the Director of Transport at the local authority who has said he cannot do anything at all for me and suggested I pay the charges. Could someone please let me know their thoughts regarding this matter? I have tried the citizens advice on numerous occasions but can never seem to get through to them. Thanks
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