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  1. I know this, but I own both the original game and CD key, the proof is above. Halo 2 was designed for Windows Vista, but WILL run on Windows 7, I have been running it on Windows 7 for ages. No trouble at all till I had a system crash (HDD failed) and had to buy a new system disc and re-install Halo 2 as a result. Then this mess started and I cannot believe how arrogant and stubborn Microsoft are being about it. It's not as though I am trying to rob them of billions of pounds is it. Why should I pay for a new game when it was not my fault that my HDD failed, why should I buy a new game whe
  2. They lie about sending the issue to the "Advocacy Department", I am now even suspicious that it is non-existent to be honest. April 7th: Report the issue to Microsoft, they "escalate" it to the "Advocacy Department". April 13th: I go online to thier support to ask them what the delay is and they tell me that it was never escalated to the "Advocacy department". I'm promised a solution on April 13th, and have evidence to show this. April 14th: Still no solution, I go online and am promised a solution on April 14th. April 15th: Still no solution, I go online and am promised a solution
  3. The trouble is that when I do, I get fobbed off even with that. Does anyone have any ideas for that?
  4. Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct board to post in, please feel free to move this thread if this is the case. Hello CAG, I am a new member here! Please bare with me as I try to explain my issue: I have been a Microsoft customer for almost 12 years and now they seem to be stone walling me with an issue in relation to Halo 2 for PC. I first contacted them on 7th April and I have reported my issue to them almost on a daily basis since then and I have not got a very good service. I have been repeatedly fobbed off, lied to, and only ended up extremely frustrated at the en
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