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  1. Hi, Have not been on for a while as have been caught up with fighting the good fight! Anyway wanted to let people know I have just gotten £1000 from Shabby Abbey and wanted to share the good news. I have made a donation to the website and want to thank everyone for their help and support. Dont get mad, get even!
  2. Good for you. Remember they will do all they can to try and deter you. DONT LET THEM! Good luck
  3. Fantastic news! I have just had Alliance and Leicester do the same to me and am now deciding to stick to my guns. Thanks for the inspiration, they reall love to try it dont they!
  4. Hi Lisa, Be prepared for things to take time and don't let the banks itimdate you. All of the scare tacticsbanks use to try put you off have been done to someone else here and so you will definately find the support or strategy to deal with it. I was scared at first but now I am just really angry as I realise that they have been effectively stealing from me for all these years and so I tend to use that anger to bolster me whenever I have a wobble! Good luck (but I am sure you won;t need it)
  5. Stick to your guns babe! Good luck
  6. Haven't got a court date yet, but exactly the same thing has happened to me. Abbey have given me a partial refund of £590. Have actually spent a bit and am kind of nervous that this will count as accepting their terms. Not too sure what to do next. Good luck mate, will try to follow this thread and let you know how it goes.
  7. I am in a similar position as I have just left my full time job for a low paid part time one. Basically for the past two months I have incurred charges on top of charges. I spoke to some one in ShAbbeys debt management department and told them that my account was in dispute along with the reference number on the letter from Marc Windy (oops!) I mean Winder and I have now been given an extension on settling my account until the dispute is resolved. I also made a token £20 payment to show goodwill. You might try something along those lines. Good luck.
  8. Just a quick up date for ya! Spoke to the debt management department and told them that account was in dispute. Worked a treat and they have given me three weeks reprise before they add a default to my account. Sent off letter before action yesterday, got home from work only to find that they have offered me half of the money that I am attempting claim back. Lucky I have already sent letter before action as I am not ashamed to say that I was half tempted to take it! Anyway, need to study and prepare for the online claims process (very daunting) will keep you updated.
  9. You guys are stars! Am so frazzled right about now, would not thought of that. Cheers
  10. Thanks for that. So what you are saing is to sit tight and wait till I get my money back and then make them remove the default from my name?
  11. Hello there, Am hoping some one out there can offer some words of wisdom. Will try to keep it brief, here goes: 10 days ago I sent out the preliminary request for refund of charges (£1250), at that stage I was well into my overdraft but not over it. In the meantime I have gone over my overdraft (which is £950.00) as a result of more charges being lebied against my account. I am a single parent who has just gone from full time to part time and am now in receipt of working tax credit (which is paid into another account, thankgod!) I receieved a letter stating that I was over my o
  12. Am new to this, so not 100% sure but the standard procedure seems to be to go straight to the next stage which is the letter before action, unless you are happy to take the odd amount that they have offered you. Your best bet is to take a look at the FAQs which outlines what to do and what to expect. Another good site is the motley fool. Good luck
  13. Hi Dominique, I am at a similar stage to you. And they are still piling on the charges! Anyway good luck, let us know how it goes.
  14. Go for it! I am at the preliminary stages so can not ofer too much advice. All I can offer are best wishes. Read the FAQs and familiarise yourself with the process. This is an excellent site and I am sure that some one has been in the same situation as you. Good luck, keep me posted.
  15. Good for you! The have fleeced us for long enough. Will watch to see how you do as I have just started my claim too. Good luck
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