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  1. Hi Jackman, I think I had a couple of letters well before Christmas, but nothing recently then the guy just knocked the door about 7ish last Wednesday trying to phone Resolvcall in my presence and pass the phone to me. To be honest he seemed more nervous of me than i was of him, once i told him it was time to go he left pretty quick. I have just told my missus to do the same if/when they call again.
  2. hi guys, thanks for the help... I will take no further action and be sure to tell any further callers where to go. As per your advice DX, that collection activities will not stop regardless of CCA request being sent, Cabot have had this debt since around 2015. In my mind i think if they were going to proceed with a CCJ they would have done it by now but as you say cannot see into the future. If they do proceed with this, and i have no copy of the original agreement from them does this work in my favour? If there is another thread for a similar scenario, please
  3. Thanks DX, Is it worth re-submitting a CCA request to Cabot? I cannot for the life of me find their reply or proof of my postage. I want to do something to stop these people turning up in the evening! My last payment to this debt was in early 2014 via a debt management company, is it likely they will proceed with a CCJ against me?
  4. Good evening...... I had the pleasure of a member of Resolve Calls team visit my home this evening with regard to an old debt of an unsecured loan taken out with Northern Rock in 2004 - last paid via debt management in 2014. Cabot took up this debt in 2015, I sent them a CCA request in Jan 16 but from memory only received a standard response. I have two questions i could really do with some advice on 1) Should I write to Cabot reminding them of the outstanding CCA request or resend the request? From memory i think they sent a generic response effectively saying
  5. No worries, i can get the details of what has been paid to Step Change and for how long when i get home this evening. With regards to the agreement / default notice and annual statements i will probably need to request this. Is there a letter i should send to Nat West / Wescot?
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. i'm in the office at the moment but can get this info when i get home. My partner has stopped paying Step Change now and paid off the other debts as they were of very low value. I did think that about Wescot, and she tried contacting Nat West directly to repay monthly as this would have been fine from a mortgage application perspective however she was advised to deal only with Wescot now.
  7. Hi, Looking for some advice if possible My partner and i recently went through the process of trying to get a mortgage. After providing all our financial details to the Mortgage advisor his view was we would only qualify for a Mortgage with a high risk lender such as Kensington which I will not entertain. Reasons are: - My partner is in a debt management plan with Step Change, any reputable lender will be put off by this. - All but one of the debts in the plan are over 6 years old so do not show on her credit file - The only debt that is less than 6 years happens to be th
  8. ok, I'm sure I did originally default back in 2008 as did not pay them for over 10 months I guess a SAR will show this for sure. The WF loan does not appear on my credit file currently - can it reappear? I have a statement of account from them already, came late last week. My original loan was £900, I have paid over £900 back and still have a balance of £1300, I never agreed PPI and there are so many random charges on the statement, I actually want to phone them and tell them what I think but am not entirely sure where I stand
  9. Hi, I do not have the ability to convert to PDF on my laptop, when using an online converter my laptop defaults to a word doc. I will try to get resolved. I have just received a worrying letter from WF saying I have been 'Served under section 87(1) of the Consumer Credit Act with the attached Default Notice' they have given me until the 18th Jan to clear my arrears or contact them with my proposals. I'm really worried this is now going to impact my credit rating. Strangely the letter I received today is dated 31/12, however I sent my CCA-request in 2nd Ja
  10. i'll have a go tomorrow morning, might be easier if I do it using my ipad as have limited programmes on my laptop. The CPC thing was not me - that's how it came from Welcome Finance, one piece of paper double sided with the 'CPC View Evaluation' thing across both sides so part of the document is unreadable on each side. I get the impression they have just sent whatever they could ASAP, but I know I definitely did not tick the boxes that are ticked, I don't 'tick' like that!!! Thanks for your help I will re-upload in the morning.
  11. Hi, yep have sent the SAR to HB, and read a few articles about them which makes me very sceptical about where my money went during my time with them / abacus. I have tried to convert is this right? Welcome Finance Image 1.pdf
  12. I'm not sure about a huge windfall as didn't repay in full but am intrigued to see what I have paid myself and through my DMP... Anyway I think I have uploaded both images... thanks in advance for any help!
  13. thanks! I will try and figure out how to use the scanner now and just blank out my name and address. I didn't SAR Welcome but can do. Just wish I had the original details!
  14. Hi, it took me a bit longer than expected to get round to this due to illness and work issues but I finally got all letters sent after Christmas. I have a response to CCA request They have sent me a copy of my credit agreement and stated they have requested a Statement of Account which will be posted separately and to call Michael Brown (Branch manager) if I wish to discuss further. I'm not sure what I should be looking for on the Credit Agreement however I notice both boxes for Personal Accident Plan and PPI have been ticked with my signature below the ti
  15. Hi, it took me a bit longer than expected to get round to this due to illness and work issues but I finally got all letters sent after Christmas. I have had 2 responses so far to 2 of the CCA requests 1st: Apex Credit Management (Mint Card) - basically says they are no longer acting on behalf of RBS Group and to contact them directly, they also sent back my Postal Order which I made out to them - is this now useless? And should I just send off a new letter straight to RBS ? 2nd: Welcome Finance - This is a bit more interesting. They have sent me a copy of my credit agreement and s
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