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  1. Hi there, I was suspended for 4 weeks for making receipts for car washes and claiming them back through the expense process. I attended my discipline hearing and basically I was given a final written. They deemed the production of my receipts as wrong but excepted I had done it for the right reasons. They were that there is no Clear policy and that a manager had said I could do this as I was cleaning the car I. My own time for the good of the company. I returned back to work and three days later I was re-suspended for- They claimed they hadn't noted or questioned me on the receipts featuring different signatures on the receipt. They deem this more serious than the me producing the receipts now. They claim it was brought to their attention after the hearing decison had been made. I'm confused as they sent me receipts with signatures on the receipts and receipts without signatures as their evidence. So to say they didn't know is to me ridiculous. I personally think that the person who informed them is the one thay wants me sacked and obviously disagreed with the panel decison. My question is can they do this and what can I do about it as I feel they had all the evidence. Also they accepted why I had made the receipts in the hearing that contained the signatures as well as the ones without. I'm confused and stressed
  2. This what I have argued in my hearing that it has become custom and practise! We also brought the issue of VAT up with the manager at the start and she said if it was a problem it would have been flagged but it never was. This has gone on for 1 year. Then our vehicle trackers have changed and they are ignoring the previous 11 months and saying this one month we didn't go and washed it at home so it's fraud
  3. Yeah she has wrote me a letter saying that it went back to the old system where we could wash it at home or a car wash. The only difference is that we needed a receipt to show that. She also said she didn't think the handing in receipts was part of our contract! I know it looks dodgy from outside but I have always washed my van or had it washed. We have no vehicle wash policy and nothing is in writing
  4. And the receipts I've submitted I have submitted when I have been to said car wash time and time again as they didn't give me receipts at the start. I was also told I could wash it at home as long as i submitted a receipt with a stamp on it. End of the day I'm Using my own time to wash a van I have to. It's normally not possible to do it during work hours. So surely but not paying me for my hourly rate just my van wash they are saving money and it's more beneficial for them
  5. No it's privately owned company and they won't let us join a union. I know they can't stop you officially but let's say they will find a way
  6. Hi there, I've no idea how to post this in a specific thread so I apologise in advance. I have been suspended pending a discipline hearing for gross misconduct which happening on 15th April. I have been accused of making receipts using a stamp for payment of van washes for the amount of £10. This money is what I'm entitled to have each week to cover the cleaning of my works vehicle. I have done the same receipts for one year. This being a receipt I stamped with one I had made stating the car wash I regular use. The reason I have done this from day one is the problems i had originally of obtaining a receipt from the garage dude to poor english. The problem is my manager who has since left said that I can wash my van at home or a car wash as long as I hand in a receipt. This type of receipt was never defined. We have no van wash policy written out and the expense claim procedure is vague. The problem is the last two times I have handed in a receipt I have washed at home with my own products and this has taken an hour and half. I submitted the same receipts I have always done but they say this is fraud as it says on the receipt the car wash that i use. Even though this manager has said this is acceptable and I have never changed the way I do this. Also I have a letter from the car wash that states in a regular user I need help and advise please as I don't want to get fired for something I'm doing because of what nice been told. Also they are threatening me with the police Rhanks
  7. It won't let me view the post thread button when I click on works section
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