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  1. thank you so much for your help guys. i am going to add this to my dmp. you have reassurred me alot. thanks again
  2. my dmp is with Payplan. As part of this i am intending to increase my payments to them so it includes this new debt and doesnt affect my current creditors. Im hoping this keeps all parties happy. am i worrying too much? the word "fraud" scares me but i am trying to do all i can to repay my debt and avoid any complications.
  3. about a year ago i entered into a debt management plan to cover the payday loans i had taken out. however over christmas i was struggling financially and, stupidly, was offered another payday loan which i took. i have been paying interest on this as well as paying into my DMP. i have spoken to my debt advisors and they are happy to add this debt to my plan, but have advised me that the other creditors may not like this and the words "financial fraud" have been mentioned. please could someone advise me what the outcome of this could be and how likely it is something bad could happen here. i am truly thinking the worst and i am very very worried. thanks
  4. I am currently in a Debt Management Plan which is going smoothly, but was struggling over Christmas with money and, stupidly, was offered a payday loan which it took. I have spoken to the debt management people who are happy to add this debt to my plan. However they have said that my existing creditors in my DMP may not like this and in an "inlikely event" this could be seen as financial fraud. Please please could someone advise me about this and the potential consequences here. Or am i worrying too much? I keep thinking I am going to get taken to court and am generally thinking the worst. Thank you
  5. today i went to the bank and they have cancelled any further payments to CFO lending. and have assured me that now the arrangement has been put in place if they attempt to take a further payment then it must be returned immedaitely. should i now contact CFO to tell them i have done this and start attemting to negotiate with them? thanks
  6. Brilliant! Thank you! Can i stay in touch with you on this thread should I need any more assistance or advice? Thanks Mark
  7. Thank you very much, I will speak to my bank tomorrow and hopefully they will be helpful. Should i get a new card with a new number on it also? Changing banks is something i dont want to really do unless i absolutely have to. Again, thanks for your help and advice. Its appreciated Mark
  8. hi there thanks for replying! the total debt including interest in £748. they have said they will take a payment of £198 at end of april, then three further payments of £183 on the following three months which would clear the debt. i have only had communication with them on the phone when i rang the other day, when they offered me this. but these payments are not something i can afford on a month to month basis at the moment. I have had no offer of any discounts or anything. Thanks for your help with this
  9. Hi, I recently contacted CFO Lending with regard to a total outstanding debt of £800 that i am struggling to repay. They have offered to let me pay the debt off over a period of four months which initailly i was pleased with. However these payments are still too high for me to afford and I think there may be a way for me to dispute these high payments? Does anyone have any experience of dealing with CFO Lending or any other options available to me? I am prepared to pay off the debt but only at comfortable payments that i can afford. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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