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  1. What they did was swapped my platinum visa credit card to a american express card, I dont ever recall receiving terms and conditions. Just a card?
  2. Hello, does any1 know if a bank can transfer a credit card balance to a higher intrest account after you have defaulted the card.?
  3. mmmm ok thank you. didnt have any agreement,they just sent me a card ?
  4. what about the balance transfer bit.
  5. surely the court dont just make a judgement because it arrived to late, do you know anything about the bank doing balance transfers to a higher intrest account. also thanks for replying
  6. i recieved a ccj, and defended it they said i could do a small claims track which i did and my track was sent back with it arrived to late the i got a ccj saying i have to pay in full, didnt get a letter saying they were redoing it ?
  7. could anyone help me , i was sent a lloyds platinum visa card in 2006 (didnt request it ) with a limit of £3500, i used and paid this card then my limit was upt to £9000, which i used to the max and also paid. i paid a lump sum of £6500 off this and they lowered my limit to the account balance. after splitting up with my husband and struggling to pay the card i defaulted this card, this was 2010, i was told 2 send a incomings and outgoings letter and i could pay £50 a month and my account would be closed. the £50 didnt even cover the intrest that they k
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