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  1. Hi the physically and mentally disabled lady i care for has been called in for a customer compliance interview again. The last was 6 months ago. Received a text 2 weeks ago saying shes to attend the local jcp despite them being aware of her disabilities. We managed to postpone that one and emailed the area manager for jcp explaining the above and that also the interview fell the day after our 5yo was having heart surgery in Bristol. We also called the local number and the woman said a home visit or telephone interview will be arranged instead. However yesterday we receive another text telling the lady to attend an interview on Monday 14th April. So again we phone up and speak to the actual officer who was so rude and dismissive of her disabilities i couldnt believe a human could stoop so low. She was told she can bring someone with her but if she doesnt attend on monday her income support will be stopped. Can anyone please advise? I have searched the forum and seen of people having telephone interviews - indeed we've had a home visit in May 2011 - but this particular CC officer is refusing to do either. She said Income Support had asked them to call her in - however we called IS right away only to be told they had no issue whatsoever with the claim and nor had they asked CC to call her in. Is there guidlines or anything at all as the thought of leaving the house is literally terrifying to her one of her mental conditions is Agorphobia, and physically she would have to take so much of her morphene and diazepam to do the trip she'd be a virtual zombie. Any help very very much appreciated
  2. Hi firstly thanks for accepting me to the forum i came here today on another matter which i'll post about, but this one is because i found out yesterday via a call to income support that Child Benefit hasnt been paid for my 8 months old child despite me sending in the form and birth certificate 2 weeks after his birth. Have just come off the phone to Child benefit to be told i have to buy a new birth certificate and send in again with form but that they will only backdate 3 months?! Anyone else know if this is correct or have experience of this as surely they should pay for the 8 months he's been alive and return his certificate. Many thyanks in advance
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