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  1. I live in Norway. I was on a trip to UK when the incident happened.
  2. Is there any way to send this "one liner" via email? Or should I send it as normal mail? Also what else should I write? One of the others that I was together with when the incident happened tells me I should just totally ignore and show no signs of life.
  3. I am not planning on paying them, but is there a reason I got such a big fine? I have been reading and I have seen that most people get 137.50£ or so. 218.78 seems a bit much. Also how long will I be recieving letters? The first letter went to my home address and I don't want anyone else living here to get suspicious.
  4. Hey About a month ago me and two others were taken by security guards at Primark in London because of shoplifting. I tried put a pair of sunglasses in my bag for my buddy and the other tried to take clothes for about 20£. The last one didn't know about this but he was prosecuted too. After a moth (today) I got a letter from RLP (as expected) and it tells me I have to pay 218.78£ for the incident, I think the others got the same amount. The sunglasses I had in my bag was fit for resale and all the other clothes was too. Why should I be charged this much? Also, I am from Norway an
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