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  1. I agree. But, I don't see how it protects you, only them. I had a similar issue with someone walking in to the Store next to Glasgow Central picking up a phone under my name. The store is closed now. Did this help, no. Only the local MP's office helped as the teams behind the scene were utterly useless. So, I don't see how the courier asking for Photo ID and the individual that its addressed too present would protect the customer if the security of obtaining from a store wasn't worth a thing for me. Quick search on Google shows others receiving POID from UKMail without actually producing
  2. No. I'm cancelling because I do not want this hassle when I choose to upgrade to the new iPhone. So, another network that does not do this is sensible to me. When I went from Orange to EE, my partner signed for the parcel - convenient for me as I was in China. You may have time to travel 2 hour journeys into town, go to stores, or whatever... or have the luxury of weekends etc. I don't. When I do, I don't waste that time on traveling and time schedules like I did waiting on a delivery that did not turn up - luckily, I called after the time window lapsed to find out what was going on... t
  3. I agree... because I've experienced someone managing to obtain a contract with T-Mobile at a Carphone Warehouse store under my name (I don't know how, can only assume that no ID was asked for). That is why I know this security/protection is solely for the company and not the customer - this did not help me to have the information removed from my file, only by going to my local MP, someone from their managing directors office (within a week) dealt with the issue and was finally resolved after 12 months. As you say, it personally does not suit me and I do not see how it would suit those with f
  4. Yes, about 2 hours of my time and on a day that i'll have to take off. The idea of having to go to the City when I have everything else delivered is quite annoying. In truth, it's not convenient... just don't like the nuisance, and I was personally upset about the delivery label mishap. Then upset further to find out I had to be there when I was not informed about it at the time. In my role, I'll be home by around 8 pm, sometimes a little earlier... and that is usually everyday. Simple truth is, this sort of delivery method doesn't suit everyone. I've informed work colleagues that also us
  5. I have been a customer for Orange/EE for quite a while now, and I received my new handset a few months ago but did not have to be present. The iPad Air was on offer, no upfront costs and a discount so I went ahead with the order. When the order was due for delivery, I had time off work but it failed to be delivered. It was not delivered because the address was not properly labelled with my door number. So it was re-arranged for the following day. However, I happen to be working but arranged for a family member to be there within the delivery time frame that was
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