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  1. Hi Guys , need advice please . Ive been told that i will have difficulty in withdrawing £20k from my Santander bank . Anyone have any good advice on here and what is the process . Seems pretty silly really as i need to purchase a car and its my bloody money ... Thanks in advance
  2. MMF , lol , sadly i totally agree , but i am also quite resilient which they didnt quite realise . I will try to look at what debts are where and so forth , but i like most did the old bury my head in the sand trick , it just got to the point where i didnt care , im quite stubborn like that , i have no assets as i have been divorced once and split from my partner of 7 years and as my children live with my exes i obviously left the houses with them so atleast they have a better start than me , geez im a good guy . Would it be only the likes of equifax and co. who hold a record of all debts , tbh , ive really no idea where what is , and i really do not engage with telephone conversations , certainly not with the likes of motormouth , and i add theyre number to the block list . and thanks for the reply
  3. Hi all , Just a really simpl'ish question . What are the chances of full and final settlement offers being excepted for the likes of small ( upto £2000 ) debts . The debts in question are not secured and they are mainly mobile phone contracts and payday loans that went wrong . I know its a bit of a broad question as i do not have the full list infront of me , infact im not sure of the full list of my debts , how can i find out exactly who i owe money to . I know one is good old Lowell ,also Motormouth and i think moorcr*p . any advice would be great and have a jolly good weekend caggers .....
  4. Hi , i have been having similar issues with this organisation . They will act with out fairness and certainly do not care about and issues they are causing you personally .... But , there is help , one group which exists through facebook , dont be put off by the fact that they are on facebook , this group and the admin are amazing , they have every email address of all people to inform regarding your case and a step by step guide on advice . The group is called CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY-RIP OFFS . look them up and ask the team to help you get this sorted . All the best , Jimmy The Saint
  5. You can also see three possible employee's outside the office door having a crafty fag , or , these could be Mikes fan club gathering for a daily dose of DoorStepping ..
  6. Ive been getting a new email from Sharon , i think its one of Mikes girlfriends as Sharon also knows how to send threats , Sharon also struggles with reading the content of the email you send , but sharon does read it , so now i have someone who i can challenge by name surely i can hold her responsible personally and direct any/all complaints at her personally as its easier than directing it a company , correct ? im sure i read this somewere that they should act responsible but when they hide behind a company its harder to prove , but if you get the name of someone then they become fully responsible for all actions .
  7. They know what theyre doing , they know that people will instinctively search theyre name and you can see that the web site is directed at people worrying when they recieve one of mikes answerphone messages . How on earth are they still operating , they must have caused some considerable worry to some people . Really is a bad out fit .
  8. Soory for the late reply , Ive noticed that the rob sands name keeps appearing , is this a real person and does he know who Mike is ... Has anyone met Mike ? Its quite a serious matter so i shouldnt be joking but the way this lot act are unbelievable , ive never witnessed such bullying in all my life . Now , im not the person who gets upset or intimidated by this , but my mother , who is getting the volume of calls is a bit upset . They just will not listen , so thats why i posted the letter to the managing directors home address , to see if he likes it . Any way , thanks for the replys , i am new here and been reading through your posts , you guys do some great work .........
  9. Hi All , Hope your winning Blonde Music , sounds like you know what you are doing , please could you clarify what CPR 31:14 is , CPR , CCA ....... Thanks , apologies but im a wee bit slow when dealing with abbreviations !!
  10. They have been harassing my me aswel , and as they put in one of the emails they sent me they have been kind enough to pay off my debt to wage day advance .... .. sadly , they wont directly answer to my emails or letters , they keep sending pre-recorded voice messages and emails . So ive decided to write to Neil Petty at 26 preseverance street , pudsey , west yorkshire , LS28 7PZ .
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