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  1. The thing is, the administration has said there will be no payment coming. "Unfortunately, whilst we have added your unsecured claim to the list of creditors within the Administration, regrettably due to the lack of funds in the Administration, there is no prospect of a dividend being paid to unsecured creditors. This means that notwithstanding your entitlement to Redress no payment towards your unsecured claim will be made. More detailed information on the reasons for this can be found in the Customer Redress Scheme and FAQs, which can be found by clicking on the link in paragraph 2 above." So, I will obviously continiously beeing chased by UB or the debt collectors. It was Unclebuck who emailed today saying the transferred the agreement to them
  2. So long story short. I had a number of re-occurring loans with Unclebuck, I made a complaint in regards to my latest one back in 2019, got to an agreement to remove default markings and charges etc and just pay the principal. Didn't pay the outstanding amount due to personal reasons, being put on Furlough was one of them. Saw that Unclebuck went into administration, made a redress application a couple of weeks ago, got awarded £807 for previous loans (not the latest one). So I contacted the administration to confirm they would pay the redress amount towards my outstanding balance, but they said they cannot do so? How is that fair? I get they they can't pay me any cash, but surely they should be able to write off the current outstanding amount, it has to work both ways right? This was the latest response I got, so far no reply from their solicitor yet. "Whilst I note your comments concerning your desire to set off Redress due in respect of unaffordable loans against your current loan that was not eligible for Redress, unfortunately the Administration precludes the position of set off until the Administrator makes a declaration under Rule 14.29 of the Insolvency Rules 2016. This declaration has not been made by the Administrators and will not be made as there is no distribution or intended dividend to be made to creditors in this particular Administration. Whilst I sympathise with your position, you will appreciate that the Administrators are governed by statute and cannot contract out of it. I promise to speak to our solicitors to see if there is any room for manoeuvre on this matter and will come back to you afterwards, however I feel that it is unlikely. As you will appreciate making an exception for you may open the Administrators to claims from other customers in a similar position to yourself and indeed from other customers that do not have the benefit of another loan to set their Redress off against." And to further add to it, I got an email today saying they transferred the loan to a collection field agency "Conexus Recovery and Field Services Ltd "
  3. Good tip, how would you recommend the phrasing of that? I'm just not keen for to them think there is anything worth to try to chase anymore. Just a recorded letter stating my address and name?
  4. I also had emails from them. They do not have my latest address, but in a statement they sent, they didn't even have my complete old address so Im pretty sure they are just out to fish for some easy cash, mine had the following wording which was sent to me in January: "We want to make your life easier. To help you, we are offering you an opportunity to resolve your debt, originally issued by Different Money Limited. Prior to potentially escalating this matter we have authorised to accept 50% of the amount owed. Therefore you would need to make a one off payment of as full and final settlement of the amount outstanding balance which will end your liability and avoid any further action being taken against you. Please note that this offer is valid for a limited time only." I think the "potentially" wording there is the clue that this is a last attempt to try to get anything for free
  5. got another letter from them, saying final notice before court proceedings. Saying that their client has instructed them to proceed through the courts in order to collect the debt, and if I don't pay within 7 days they will initiate a PAP again. if they do a PAP again, should I just reply with almost the same response as I did first time, since they have failed to give me: "Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions IN ENGLISH <- Only Norwegian provided. Any notice of change in account terms and conditions that were ever issued since credit approval - Received no such things. Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter Of Claim and /or issue court proceedings concerning a Norwegian debt." - not received. ?
  6. Isn't a PAP letter a bit more serious then just threats? Or was it more likely to hope for me to not respond to this and get an easy court case?
  7. They have now chased me for an update or else they will consult their lawyers for legal action. I am tempted to respond to them that they still have failed to hand me: "Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions IN ENGLISH Any notice of change in account terms and conditions that were ever issued since credit approval Any notice of default or Norwegian equivalent that was issued by the original creditor Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter Of Claim and /or issue court proceedings concerning a Norwegian debt." Is that a reasonable response? As for it being Statue Barred in the UK, is this 100% certain when they have secured themselves in Norway against it become statue barred there?
  8. About 7 months on, I have now received a letter from CLI again, with "bank statements that I requested" apologizing for the delay in these times and that they look forward to be hearing from me. What should my next step be, if any? All they have included is statements of payments (in Norwegian) and none of the other things I asked for. S hould I wait and see until they chase further and then tell them where the rest is, or should I respond now?
  9. Out of interest.. what would happen if Sunny did go bust now in terms of my claim? Would the administrator try to honor FOS decision?
  10. I currently have a complaint with them which has been escalted to the ombudsman after they didn't agree with the adjunctor, so hope they don't go bust just yet so I can get my money
  11. Ok, so I will reply to them shortly , I am going to say the following, any other input would be appreciated. Box D tick "I dispute this debt because I do not have enough information to know if I own this debt." Box I tick I need a copy of : I need a copy of.. Original signed finance agreement together with the terms and conditions IN ENGLISH Any notice of change in account terms and conditions that were ever issued since credit approval Any notice of default or Norwegian equivalent that was issued by the original creditor All and every statement of the account including how any interest has been calculated. Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter Of Claim and /or issue court proceedings concerning a Norwegian debt. Any and All other statutes of law, be them UK or otherwise, that the claimant intends to rely upon should they wish to proceed and issue a uk Court Claim . ---------- One other thing, they say that the principal debt was calculated in Norwegian Kroner and converted to GBP at the rate of £1 = NOK 10.16. However, I think that's not a good exchange rate.. If I go back to the 28th of October, I get the following results: Average: 1 GBP = 11.8187 NOK Lowest: 1 GBP = 11.7725 NOK Highest: 1 GBP = 11.8648 NOK Is there any way I can dispute the exchange rate?
  12. Well, I managed to login in to my Amazon account too yesterday, but this morning it was blocked. Called up CS, and they said that I had closed the account on the 7th, this account has been up to date an I have not gone over the limit. So I am not sure what to take from all this.. How do they expect me to keep paying on it if they remove my access? I am tempted just to go to their complaint service, especially for the Amazon one and ask what they are thinking about this and why I have not gotten any information..
  13. I had some loans when I had this yes, but I honestly don't think I am going to go that route with Aqua. My main concern now was what this meant, as he was not willing to explain anything and only said check your credit file which scared me. I plan to pay it all up by mid next year, it will take some time.
  14. So I won't be charged for like fraud or anything like that sort will I? (Just thinking of the direct debit giving me temporary funds to spend) He was just so vague, I just don't get why he wouldn't tell me why he had cancelled it. Now, if this happen to my Amazon Account too, which I believe it has as I am sure i could instantly use funds when I had paid so it was below the threshold... Since that account is up to date, I would not be charged with any overlimits or default as long as I keep paying right?
  15. Hello, Just asking for some advice and really reassurance of what it can mean.. I have an Aqua Card which was with a a £1300 limit, due to being in a spiral of debt with other loans and issues, I didn't manage it very well. I did in the beginning, but I managed somehow to go over it by quite a bit. Current statement is around £4k. Talked to customer service today, and they told me the account was closed on 7th of October. I had being paying in every month, so I was not with any late payments. I queried what that meant and I eventually got put to a dispute department who was very vague what this meant. He only said , we have withdrawn your credit and have a look at your credit file. When I asked if I should continue to pay, he said I could do so if I wished and when asked if I would receive a letter he said you may or may not.... ?? What does that even mean? I also have a new day amazon card, which I am up to date with, but I believe I have the same issue there too, so I assume they closed my account throughout the whole system? Am I in trouble? Or will it be just normal collection procedures.. The reason for being quite a bit over limit I believe is due to that direct debits have not been successful, but temporarily taken and credit on the aqua account, but then taken back in a couple of days. So dumb, I know. And also partly they're to blame if they credit it to you before it's cleared.. but hey..
  16. So yes I don't think it will be SB for this reason. I'll let you know once I have a further response.
  17. Ok thanks I will do, as this is not UAE I assume I will just not mention the following then: "Proof that UAE Court Judgement has already been gained upon said debt. - Change to Norwegian Court Judgement? Proof the UK Pre Action Protocol allows a UK Solicitor to issue a Letter Of Claim and /or issue court proceedings concerning a UAE debt. The UAE is not a 'member state' . - remove this last sentence? Just a quick update, they today sent the same letter again, but this time I had to sign for it.
  18. Hello, reading forum threads previously I received several letters from CLI, but I assumed they were just template letters and could safely ignoring them, including the one where they said they would send someone to visit me (never happened). I have now received a letter again from them saying that they have been instructed by Lindorff (who again has been assigned from the orginal creditor a bank in Norway) to obtain the payment from me for a credit card that I had. They further say "this letter is being sent to you in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims contained in the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR)." They do have a silly mistake right after that which says Details of Debt (insert detail) they have attached a bunch of documents, copies of a signed debt letter from 2008 and interest calculations, and alot of documents in Norwegian. I moved to the UK in 2013, and had no control over my debt that I owed over in Norway. I now have 30 days to respond to this, what would be the best course for me, to see if they would even try this in court? A few questions: As most documents are in Norwegian, would that be good enough for a court as proof? Can I request a translated document for each part, I mean I understand them but a UK court would not? As I understand CLI are just collectors, so would they assign lawyers to get this to court? The Debt is just around £2600. I assume statue barred would be the same for a Norwegian debt which is 10 years and they have renewed it over there last time in 2015 by trying to get money at "namsmannen" which is sorta like a small claims court, but basically just at the police. Thanks for any replies!
  19. What is the best course of action when I had a successful complaint against them through the FOS, reducing the amount I had to pay back but I head nothing from them until today saying it is with BW Legal now an advises me to contact them. Should I wait for them to contact me?
  20. Hello, I am just looking for some tips.. I have a loan that I took out in December for 1000£ with Loans2go, I talked to them today asking what my settlement figure was and they said around £1100. Now, I also talked to the top up team there as I had strange settlement figure on a broker site for a new loan (which I am sure I didnt ask them to compare, but oh well). And they confirmed this strange thing: If I were to top up, they could settle my loan for £692 and lend me the difference, Iend me £1000 to settle the previous one and I would get £338 to my account. So, for me. Would it not make sense to actually just ask for the top up and use the money to just pay it all back? £1000, essentially withdrawing from the agreement? Or am I wrong here? it would save me £400 if I am right.
  21. Hello, I had taken a number of payday loans in the past, in particular the period of 2014-2015. Most of them are settled or just ignored, but there are a couple that keeps getting chased. One is for Cheque Centre which has been bought up by Lantern (Formerly motormile) and the other is The MoneyShop who I'm now getting chased by BWLEgal on behalf of PRAC Financial Limited. Now, so far I've just ignored them, get standard threat emails etc. Heard nothing regarding the moneyshop one for months until now. However, is it worth making a complaint and the proceeding to FOS for ireesponsible lending when in particular Cheque Center no longer exist? Would that get me anywhere, and who would I complain to, Lantern? As for The Moneyshop one, should I complain directly to them or Prac Limited? I've read the guide so I'm prepared to take them to FOS (I had many many payday loans at the same time, and Cheque center was in particular bad where I was offered £1000 every month with £300 interest, and I used them for rollover several months in a row..)
  22. Received the "Notice of proposed Allocation to small claims track". I will of course suggest mediation. What happens further after I deliver this? Do the claimant have to pay a court fee to actually process to a hearing stage (if they don't want to go through mediation) ? Do they have a deadline?
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