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  1. Thank you for the replies however i am unsure on the details you would require. I no longer have any of the documentation or letters that would have any sort of account number neither do i know the phone number used for the phone as i said i didnt use it and gave it to a family member.
  2. A few years ago i took out a 24 month contract with vodafone, after this 24 month period was up i was told i had to contact them to cancel the contract or it would continue as a rolling one. the phone was for a family member and they no longer had the phone or sim by the time the contracts 24 months was up. I tried to contwct vodafone but was told i needed to call from the phone with the vodafone sim. Which seemed odd. after a few times calling and trying to end it before the rolling period that i knew nothing about kicked in they still hadnt agreed to end it for wha
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