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  1. You are absolutely right. As single voice , a customer has no power. Thanks God for free speech and forums and social media platforms. This is how I managed to settle: by gathering evidence(emails, phone conversations, pictures, video), giving them chances to put things right and then going public on forums, twitter and on Citroen FB pages in UK and international and most important I went on the FB pages of many other car manufacturers that of course were more then happy to have my posts.
  2. Is confidential not because of me and is not a rip off either. Is not the best but is not the worse possible settlement. I wish I could disclose the terms of the agreement but... hope you understand. Cheers
  3. Hi News time I have received a settlement offer that me and my wife decided to accept it. "The terms of this settlement shall remain confidential" so please understand why I can't make this terms public. I want to say thanks to Citroen for making this settlement possible and although, sometimes I doubted it, they can be nice guys with a little push. My deepest gratitude goes to ALL OF YOU, the members of this forum and others, for your continuous and amazing support. I have no doubt that without your help this wouldn't be possible so THANK YOU. One more time a sincere: THANK YOU Cheers
  4. Scroll down until you rich posts from April 13 and you will find mine.
  5. Hi Thanks but you have to believe that this is not my intention but it does seem to work so far:).
  6. Hi guys. Some little news. I have an email saying that tomorrow I will, hopefully, receive more details about a possible happy ending.
  7. Hi guys Citroen Spain has given a big like to my story on their FB page !!! facebook.com/citroen.es
  8. Hi again. Good news for me What a day!!! It seems there may be a positive outcome for me. At this moment in time I can't give any details about this as I'm still waiting for more details myself. Thanks for support and for making this happening. I will be back as soon as I have more details. THANK YOU ALL
  9. Hi Thanks for the heads up. I already written to FC a complaint letter and they declined any responsibility. That's why I complained to FOS. I will write to Ms Linda Jackson in the next couple of days as well. Thanks
  10. Hi guys Bad news for me. Citron UK called to ask me what exactly is it that I want: refund, replacement... I've been told that Citroen UK is siding with his Dealer with regards to the steering and suspension issues as there wasn't any faults found during the vehicle inspection. Also they sent out a Citroen paint specialist () to check the front bumper and the conclusion is that the miss-colour issue is due to the nature of the different materials: front bumper made from plastic and the body panels are being made from metal. Obviously I have protested against this statement. I asked why the rear bumper doesn't have the same issue as is also made from plastic - I didn't get an answer to this question. They will call me back later today... I don't know why they even bother. Cheers
  11. Hi Just spoke with Barclays and this proved to be a total waste of time. I would like to remind you that I already kept Barclays Partner Finance informed about everything since I took delivery of the car, also sent them a rejection letter explaining why I rejected the car so on. I have phoned them tonight to ask them to reconsider their position and to assume their responsibility as required by Section 75 of Consumer Section Act 1974. They advised me that is not possible and they will book me for a call back from one of their senior advisers. I begun to cry and laugh because this was the 3rd time when Barclays was booking me for a call back and I've never been called back. Appalling Customer Service... I got asked the following: "So what's wrong with the car?" "Is the car still with you?" "Did you returned the car?" "When did you returned the car?" "What the Dealer told you?'' ... and my favourite: "So what's the purpose of this call ?" Basically I had to explain everything one more time to a new advisor and in the end to be told that there is nothing new in their position. After I've calmed down a little bit I have contacted Financial Ombudsman Service and made an official complaint. Cheers
  12. Hi I have some news. Today I have received two emails and one phone call from Citroen UK. I couldn't take the phone call as I was up the mountains, trekking. The first email came to inform why they didn't got in-touch with me as Citroen UK was waiting for the Dealer to have their say in this story. This is a little ... as I'm convinced that they received the letter at the same time as I did. The second email kind of gives me a little bit of hope: I called you and left you a voicemail and of course you don't have to return my call as I know you're currently out of the country. Just a courtesy email to let you know we won't accept at this stage the dealer charging you for holding your Citroën DS5. I'm going to continue speaking with ********* from ***** and try my best to resolve matters amicably. I'll keep you updated via email whilst you're away and of course will call you once you're back in the UK. It's clear that the pressure on Citroe UK is mounting because some of you took this story to their Facebook page and kind of forced Citroen UK to take damage control actions. I really, really THANK YOU for everything you guys doing and for your amazing support. When I begun posting on this forum, and others, I didn't really expected this kind of reactions from you all. You are truly amazing and I hope some day I will be able to return your help. One more thing happened today. WhatCar Helpdesk has contacted me on Facebook requiring more details about my story. Hope they will help as I have read about many difficult situations resolved by their enquires. Citroen UK knows them very well and many other manufacturers as well, including prestigious ones. Thank you guys
  13. Hi there Last Thursday I have received the response from the Dealer - who strongly believes that there is no grounds for me to reject the car and they will begin charging me for the storage of the car. Relating to the front bumper miss colour issues I've been told that they will speak with Citroen UK for clarification. Citroen UK has promised to get back to me as soon as the Dealer is giving his response. Like I said the response came last Thursday and the only reaction from Citroen UK was this message received on FB: "Hi, our team is working hard to resolve this for you as quickly as possible. We do apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience" It seems that I found a way to post links to my Flicker account - here yoy will see pics of my car and other documents as well as the RESPONSE LETTER received from the Dealer. I will also try to put some links to YouTube flickr.com/photos/26371319@N02/sets/72157643400120115/ youtube.com/watch?v=IUDvNjn3Ais youtube.com/watch?v=7QZAhTatjGk youtube.com/watch?v=q2YOyYslUY0 youtube.com/watch?v=h9di-go9u-A Cheers
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